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Male Nipples
An_206187 posted:
I'm not sure if there has been a previous discussion about this or not but oh well haha. Does anybody have extremely sensitive nipples? If so how did you discover you did? What do you do to stimulate them? Has anybody with sensitive nipples ever actually caused themselves to ejaculate?
An_206188 responded:
Yes mine are quite sensitive. I love it when they are licked and sucked. The warm wettness of a soft tongue flicking them and gently sucking. Really hot. Never made myself come by touchin them myself tho.
Ramases responded:
My nipples are very sensitive to stimulation. Certain fabrics rubbing over them, a warm wet tounge, rubbing or squeezing, and manipulating the piercings. Yes, both of my nips are pierced. They are great for stimulation by myself or my wife who loves them. I have not had the pleasure of ejaculating with having my nipples stimulated, but sure helps get things aroused!
An_206189 replied to Ramases's response:
My right one is sensitive but not the left.
An_206190 responded:
mine are so sensitive that when they are sucked on the precum flows like a river and yes if they are stimulated long enough that i can ejaculate without touching my penis----after puberty is when i started to play with them and then my wife loves to get me going this way
pogo99 replied to An_206190's response:
Mine are not sensitive at all. I feel nothing when my partner touch them or suck on them.
gymrat44 replied to pogo99's response:
Mine are pretty sensitive. I have wondered if I could be brought to ejaculation by nipple stimulation alone. I have come close on occasion, but something else has always pushed me over the edge first. Not really a regret, but still something to shoot for!
manhood should be enjoyed, not proven -- gymrat44
gq12 replied to gymrat44's response:
I am with you pogo, my nipples are not that sensitive.

I have has massages and I notice that the MTs will usually not rub directly over them when doing your chest. I thought this was odd for a guy since I always assumed that our nipples were nothing like a females (they sure don't look as pretty!). I do have an MT who will rub my nipples as stimulation, and I like the intent but it really does nothing for me.
sabineolt responded:
yes mine are very sweety and last week i started my meds adaral and i laid hours and hours rubbing them and wanted to have them feel always so
benevolentmasculinity responded:
Male nipples are not sensitive enough to reach orgasm. Female nipples are directly linked to sexual arousal. A woman gets erect nipples (like a man's penis erection) when she's aroused.

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