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Strangers or Friends
Commando14 posted:
Ok, so this discussion had kind of just gotten started on the old board. Im wondering how you guys fel about being naked in front of strangers as opposed to being naked in front of friends. Does it make any difference? What situations have you found yourself naked in and has your behavior been any different if with friends/acquaintances or complete strangers?
Ramases responded:
I have little reservations about being naked in front of strangers in the right setting (doctors office,gym,etc.). I know that when I went to the Urologist for the first time with this doc he had another doctor with him learning the specialty. After talking a few minutes it was time to drop the pants and boxers. No big deal! Had the equipment checked and had the old bend over the exam table finger up the anus to check the prostate. No problem!
Yet, I have not been in a situation where I needed to be naked in front of a friend. I do not see what the big deal would be. Men are men and we all have the same equipment only with some variation in size, amount of hair, or sac level. Maybe it is the fear of being judged subconsciously by a friend. We all have our hang-ups, but this one really affects many guys.
gymguygreg replied to Ramases's response:
I am comfortable naked with anyone. I guess the oddest times were when my mom and mother-in-law each saw me nude on different ocassions but I was more fearful of them being embarrassed than that it bothered me.

I do think much of the fears men have about being nude in front of their friends or fathers, sons, etc has to do with the poissiblity of not being as well hung as the other guy. I simply don't care and don't let it bother me.

GAP1954 responded:
doesn't really matter to me. Friends, however, are the ones who seem to get bashful. strangers don't give a hoot.
Alexco35 replied to GAP1954's response:
I find it more easy and relaxing changing in front of strangers (gym, doctor, etc) than I would be with any family member... I have never had anyone in my family see me nude, nor have I seen anyone of my family members nude (and believe me, I dont want to) but I would be embarrassed to be nude around friends or family...

Seems I've made a couple of friends at the gym, but I dont feel embarrassed, perhaps because we were nude on several occasions before we became friends
Alexco35 replied to GAP1954's response:
Gap1954, is that your real pic.... what a great hottie, no offense
SS1995 responded:
I definitely have no issues being nude around strangers. I usually don't wear a towel at the gym. With friends I do become shy. Of course, I don't think any of my friends are ones that get nude in front of others. I had a few roommates in college where nudity wasn't an issue. When we'd get back from the shower, we'd drop the towel and chat while the other was watching tv w/o any issues. I'm sure if I had some guy friends who were open w/ nudity I'd be fine with being naked around them.
GQ1985 replied to SS1995's response:
I have no issues w/either. Very few people that I am uncomfortable around dressed or undressed.
goingcommando replied to GQ1985's response:
The same as GQ1985. I feel comfortable naked around friends, family, and strangers. I think this comfortableness is because of the way I was raised. I grew up in the 40's and 50's and being naked around brothers, classmates (friends or strangers) was the norm at PE, Scout Camp, at home with only one bathroom plus two or three brothers sharing a room. We had a large family of boys. We peed together, bathed in the tub together, went swimming together naked (the proverbial swimming hole) . Nothing was ever flaunted. It was just what we did. Guys were modest but not prudish. I remember once at boy scout camp when lights were out at 9:30 p.m. the guys in my cabin (about 10) sneaked out of the cabin after the counselor had done a cabin check. The fun thing was that we sneaked out nude just to see what it would be like to carouse around the camping area in the buff. So, upbringing has a lot to do with it and especially when fathers, brothers, and uncles include the boys in their lives in their manly activities and teach them not only work skills but how a man should be in his community and family.
zoom1969 responded:
Answered this in great length on the old board. Always more comfortable being naked in front of strangers. Not really sure why. Maybe it's the awkwardness of being nude around people you know. Went with a bunch of buddies on a trip back in August. I slept in boxers. Everyone else in t-shirts and shorts. Everyone changed, showered, and dressed in the bathroom including me. I think if I was sharing a room with guys I had just met I would shower and just change in the room. Would probably still sleep in boxers or possibly nothing at all. Never had a problem being naked at the gym or somewhere else with people I didn't really know. Kind of like Alex if I had already been around someone naked and then became friends with them it seemed natural and not awkward. A buddy of mine started going last year to the gym that I belonged to. Never had seen him naked. I was done and was leaving the locker room as he came out of the shower. He was wrapped in a towel. We were talking and I thought well I'll go so he can dress. He takes the towel off and just keeps talking. I felt awkward so I starting looking at the walls, the lockers, and the clock. Finally I had to look out of curiousity and then it didn't seem awkward anymore. We could go on a road trip together and be in the hotel room naked and it would be comfortable and not awkward whatsoever.....
jackja replied to zoom1969's response:
hey zoom
I am still not comfortable naked in from of other men. I am a hispanic, dark completed but with white features, white men kinda stare at me when I am naked at the gym, I feel odd, but i want to overcome that, in two separate occassions a guy stared at my privates and asked me, are you circunsized? I thought that was weird.I guess people are just curious of how people from other races look naked.
zoom1969 replied to jackja's response:
I think most guys do check each other out. Most times it doesn't really mean anything. It is just a natural curiosity!! Several years ago I was changing in the gym w/ a buddy of mine that was from France. Had never seen him naked. He was well endowed and not circumcised! I know I looked at him several times. A lot of it was shock at how large he was and at that time I hadn't seen too many guys that were un-cut. This was in the middle 1990s. A lot more guys are un-cut now so it is not as shocking!

Once you have been naked in front of guys several times you will get more comfortable with it. I used to feel really awkward at first also! Then slowly I would get nude in front of the guys at the gym. I would take my time getting dressed. Or start not wearing a towel from the showers to the lockers like most of the other guys. Also I would sometimes shave my face at the sink not wearing anything at all!
jackja responded:
It's funny that most guys dont mind being naked in front of strangers i actually feel more comfortable naked around guys i know, i dont mind ladies looking at me naked, exept for my own mother and olde woman i am okay. ladies like to see naked guys wheather they admit it or not. i dont flash people purposely but if the occasion allows me i am fine no big deal.
SS1995 replied to zoom1969's response:
zoom1969- I add dropping the towel in the bin by the sink and walking back to my locker bay naked and having a conversation w/ one of the other guys who is also naked to the list. ha! I've really come out of my shell in the locker room.
gymrat44 responded:
It doesn't make any difference to me whether I'm nude with strangers or friends. What can be strange is having your clothes off for the first time with someone you have known before -- but only with clothes. That happened to me a while back when I joined a new gym. I was quite surprised when cleaning up in the locker room after my first workout there I found my optometrist at the next wash basin wearing nothing but shaving cream -- and that was even more than I had on at the moment. (Back then towels were for drying yourself or sitting on, hardly anyone wrapped them around their waist back then). So I got out my aerosol, said 'hi' and we began talking as we always had -- no big deal, we were still who we had always been. But we did start "seeing more of each other" since we usually bumped into each other in the locker room several times a week after that.
manhood should be enjoyed, not proven -- gymrat44

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