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jason1022 posted:
Hello everyone as you can see I've been MIA for a few weeks now. I have been going through some issues with my wife and my daughter AnneMarie.

One day my sister took AnneMarie and Colby shopping at the mall. When they got home AnneMarie was so excited, because she'd met a girl who looked exactly like her. Enough to be her twin. My sister then preceded to tell me who the little girl belonged to.

My wife has a exboyfriend of hers who gave me so much grief when my wife and I got together. At one point he had started a rumor around the time that AnneMarie was born. Stating that it was possible she could have been his child.

So you could imagine my surprise when my sister told me that the little girl who could have been AnneMarie's twin was his daughter. My wife and I talked about it along with my concerns and she offered a paternity test for AnneMarie. To clear her conscience along with mine.

A child I thought to be my own for all these years isn't mine. 0%. The lady the DNA center told me that there wasn't any way can be mine. I've always seen her mother's features, so it didn't matter that she didn't have any of mine.

My wife and I are seperated at the time. None of the kids know the reason why, and I would prefer to keep it that way. I don't want them to get hurt, or put in the middle.

Right now I don't know what I'm going to do with my marriage.
GuardSquealer responded:
Well I am a little curious. Is AnneMarie your oldest child? Obviously you know about when she was concieved. Were you and your wife together then? Married? What does your wife say about this? How many other kids do you have?

Even not knowing any of these details, I think you need to give this some thought. Have you and your wife been happy together the last few years? If so you may want to try and forgive your wife and keep your family together. Give me the details and maybe I can think it through a little better.

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