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short or long hair
realbiglu posted:
Which do you prefer for women long or short hair.
A women with long red hair rocks.

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The_Thinker responded:
Long hair for sure.
GuardSquealer responded:
Long hair. I like it when a woman with long hair is on top of me looking down and her hair is hanging down in my face. Especially if it smells really good. Now if we are talking down below I like it really short. Bald is even better. But I don't like 3 day old 5 oclock shadow. It is like having sex with a porcupine.
jss123 responded:
Long, red hair does it for me
zoom1969 responded:
Definately long hair! Nothing like a woman with a great head of hair. I have been attracted to some girls that have had short haircuts but long hair is something I have always been attracted to. I think one of the worst things is when a woman has a great head of hair and she will go get a short haircut! A girl I used to talk to had beautiful hair and went and got a short haircut. I was so shocked I had to leave. She let it grow back out because she hated the cut too!

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