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Yellow sperm
texas7t posted:
when I masturbate then I shoot a good amount, but it is yellowish. the first half is more or less like urine and the last qourter of it is runny white. not a thick white like others.. .. I'm 45 180 lbs. active. ..
Ramases responded:
Semen can be a yellowish color and also be runny white in color, too! This is not an abnormal thing to happen. It is a little shocking when you are use to seeing white semen all the time. As long as you are having no problems with ejaculation or urination than I would not worry about it. If you are still concerned than you should see your own physician or urologist. As long as the equipment is still working than I say use it and wank away and enjoy!
Contemplating19 responded:
Depending on many factors including frequency of ejaculation, diet, general health, etc., the volume, consistency and color of the semen can vary.

A yellow cast to the semen, as you have noted, is very common and a variation of normal. If you take multivitamins, this may be a cause. Although there is no need to be medically concerned, stopping the vitamin supplement may help.

Thickened semen usually occurs if one ejaculates infrequently and is due to concentration of that portion formed in the seminal vesicles.

Occasional clear semen is not a specific sign of disease. A brown or red tint to the semen is a sign of bleeding, usually from the prostate gland. Although prostate bleeding is generally of a benign nature, it is best to have this evaluated by a urologist.

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