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masturbated in a place other then home or dorm.
texas7t posted:
  1. Woods,
  2. River,
  3. beach,
  4. work,
  5. driving at night,
  6. warehouse,
  7. kayak,
  8. batting cage at a baseball park at 1am.
lusnuo18 responded:
At work in bathroom and stockroom
in a car
in a canoe,
in the woods,
at the beach (on the sand and in the water)
zoom1969 responded:
I always wish I had the courage to masterbate in different places. I've always been to nervous. I have done a few random sex acts in public type places but I think I wasn't as nervous because someone was with me. How about # 9 a golf course. When I was in high school I lived near a golf course. A buddy and me would jerk together at one of the shelters at the golf course in the middle of the night! Did that maybe 5 or 6 times one Summer. Also at my gym years ago. They had the open showers with 6 showerheads in a row. So if the showers were full we would all be side to side. One day the shower felt so good that I started jacking. The gym was really quiet and no one was in the showers. My heart was beating out of my chest thinking someone could come in there at any minute. So I guess # 10 the gym showers!
An_206200 responded:
9 .mile high club...
10. Barn,,
Brian0728 responded:
1. school science classroom
2. up in attics of houses in the framing stage (there is a story in here about me)
3 In a warehouse on top of the shelves.
4 In vacant houses not moved into
5. While driving on the highway in my vehicle
6 In forts that me and my friends bult
AsRealAsItGets responded:
  1. At work
  2. Varius Bathrooms whenever the urge comes along.
  3. Back of vehicles.
  4. Lambeau Field.
GaMale770 replied to AsRealAsItGets's response:
Lambeu Field?

Were they closed at the time or was this during an event while people were walking in and out?

If so, how did you manage to do it without anyone knowing or hearing you?

Ga Male
AsRealAsItGets replied to GaMale770's response:
The stadium/Atrium are open 24/7...It was during the off-season and it was at this restaurant bathroom in Lambeau Field.

Go Pack Go! lol
toontownboy responded:
on top of the Fire Truck (hose bed) with a nother fireman from my crew.

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