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What does the doctor do during your annual physical examination?
An_206201 posted:
Just curious to see what kind of responses we get...
gq12 responded:
mine varies from very hands on and spends a good amount of time examing my penis to a quick check. Its tough to figure out what it will be like. Personally I enjoy the longer time spent.
sun44 replied to gq12's response:
What type of exam procedures does your doctor do with you during your physical. Do you have to strip for the entire exam. Do you mind being nude during the exam. I need to schedule my physical and would like to hear about other physical exams experiences.
asm37 replied to sun44's response:
Don't worry about getting an exam. The most important thing is to get one. Each Doctor has his own way of doing the exam. Mine starts by asking questions and going over any changes in the my history. He checks my pulse and blood pressure. He then has be get undressed down to my shorts. He then has me get up on the exam table and does the eyes, ears, nose, throat, listens to my chest front and back. He probes my abdomen. Checks my reflexes etc. After all of that he has me stand up and pull down my shorts. He has me cough and while checking for hernia by pressing just under the testicles. He exams the testicles and penis. He then has me lean over the table and does the rectal exam. At this point he has me dress. So I am only fully naked for a couple of minutes.
sun44 replied to asm37's response:
I have my exam scheduled and I am wondering how it will be with the doctor. I hope he will take his time like gq12's doctor and be thorough like your doctor asm37. I really don't mind being naked during an exam and I suppose if I get a my usual manly reaction to the exam, it will not be a concern. If you can tell me any more specific details about the exam experience, you can email me. I enjoy sharing experiences.
condor1000 replied to sun44's response:
My email is (sun 44) and condor 1000

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