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cock ring
An_206203 posted:
would their be a problem if you have a cock ring on for a long period of time. ? Days ?
jsisu responded:
Yes...there is a REAL problem if you leave it on after 30 minutes. Just about everything I have read says not to keep it on over 20-30 minutes. Definetly NOT days!!! Be careful with "Hims" and the "boys" want them in good condition for a LONG time.
jsisu responded:
Another similar question: Because a cock ring can reduce the flow of ejaculation, are there such rings that can be undone at the moment of ejaculation? If so....what are they? The rings that I have seen would be very difficult to get off at that spontaneous moment of relief.
texas7t replied to jsisu's response:
leather ones with a snap. one, two or three snaps.
jsisu replied to texas7t's response:
Thanks for the info. Need to go and get me one.
jpgem replied to texas7t's response:
texas7t, explain to me in detail how something like this works.
texas7t replied to jpgem's response:


It really works good.. just don't get one too tight.. best to mesure at the base of balls and dick, to find the right size. I would suggest trying a silicone one first.. and that way if its too tight you can cut it off.. or get a leather strap one with several snaps on it so you can adjust it fast.. once you have the desired one ( mine is 1 3/4 " you put your nuts through it ( if its a metal ring ) then you push your rod in it.. and when you get hard... you really get hard... .. let me know how it works out for ya.. hope the links help.

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