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texas7t posted:
some days are harder then others. Don't matter if male or female. Its work.. work.. work.. I come home for being gone for three to 6 days of work. and still I have to vacuum the house. Not all the time, but once a month at least. If I say anything about it then im in the wrong.. what the hell.. When I take a shower, I say " im taking a shower" to hint, do you want to join me. but when he takes a shower.. he is just gone and done.. Same with going to bed. What the hell ever happened with communication ? I keep saying,, Communication is key..
Some days, I just want to keep working and working.. but I do miss the man to man contact, a guy to have my ring on his finger, to kiss me in the morning, to shower with me, to put his head in my lap and watch a movie. to take a bike ride in the rain, and stop and kiss..
lusnuo18 responded:
Communition is key. Sometimes though, what he wants is not always what you want. If you want him to join you in the shower, then ask him. He can't read your mind. Some people are just not in-tuned to other people's need, even people they love. Believe me. I've been in a relationship with my boyfriend for almost nine years. I've learened that beating around the bush or hinting at what you want is much worst than not saying anything at all.
You have to ask yourself if you two want the same things and if it is worth compromising what you want with things he wants. Is he worth it to you.
Do just want any guy to have and to hold, or this guy to have and to hold. What do I want?
jsisu responded:
Texas7t: Have the two of you made any covenant or contract of commitment together? Doesn't necessarily have to be a legal document, but a time of joint commitment.

Marriage has the same expectations and missed opportunities that you have listed. Even in our marriage contract (church and state) my wife and I had to make certain additional agreements. Taking out the garbage, vacuuming being shared, washing windows, name it! After 44 years of marriage, we are still working on our agreements.Where it gets and has been rather strained was and is at times, in the relationship/love making. My needs exceed hers. Easy at times to feel ignored. You are right....the only way around this feeling of being ignored and overlooked, is to say it clearly, not in a confrontative way, but in a way of passionate dialogue. Communication is a two-way street. If he is unwilling to discuss with you, then there is a real concern and perhaps a third party/counselor could help you both.

Such counseling is not unusual, as a clergy person I have counseled gay and lesbian couples as they lived out their covenant relationship together. So, if he means alot to you, then aproach him about your concern and the need for a third party.

Texas7t, you have a right to love, touch, cuddle, caress, fondle, and receive such from a significant another. Life is one day at a time, act on it today. Tomorrow is no guarantee. Today informs tomorrow! Life is too short to do nothing today and expect tomorrow to be different. Ok?
texas7t replied to jsisu's response:
we have rings, But, I have the one on he gave me, but he don't like to have his on.
I work and pay all the bills. with little left. He buys all the food. We do have seperate checking accounts. He is not to organized. But I have everything in its place..My closet has to be just right. and I like things cleaned. he not so much.
realbiglu responded:
Their is a board called couple's coping support group under sex and realtionships which would be great for your post. This board is more for men's health issues.

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