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cant describe it! help please!
An_206205 posted:
ok...I was wondering if anyone else had this problem?
-i am a relatively hairy guy...not really likin it. but i have some hair in areas it probably shouldnt be. in reference im talkin about my anus...i shave this area maybe once every week. and i wondered if this could be a problem? also when i move a bowel i wipe more than i should to ensure that i am clean down there...but it takes a do i fix this?
- also how do i ensure that my anus stays clean? like do i wash it in the shower? is soap and water ok?

please help me!!! sorry for all the questions....thanks so much

and also you probably think that i am weird...=(
otter051069 responded:
No you're not weird, I have the same issue. What I have found to work pretty good is to dampen my toilet paper(not soaked) and wipe with that, maybe 2-3 of those and that usually does it.

As far as the shower, I wouldn't get to zealous down there with the soap, you'll wind up getting itchy and then it's on to another problem. I usually just let the warm water run down my back and use ( I don't mean to gross you out) my fingers to GENTLY wash that area. When you dry off, just pat it dry.

I have trimmed that area, not shaven before and that seems to help. Would be interested to know how much of a pain shaving is and if it does help. Good Luck!!!
An_206206 replied to otter051069's response:
hey thanks so much for the help...i had thought of that but never done it...
trimming is difficult....shaving is a better way to do it. but ill give trimming a try because i just read something that you can get bacterial infections from shaving down their and having ingrown i dont want that to happen. thanks allot!

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