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Shaving scrotum and penis shaft?
joe8843 posted:

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The question of shaving the scrotum and penis shaft has been an active topic in this discussion group in the past. To get this discussion going again, I'm curious-- how many guys out there shave their scrotum and penis shaft?
  • Shave scrotum and penis shaft
  • Do not shave scrotum and penis shaft
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Ramases responded:
I do shave my scrotum and penis shaft on a regular basis. Usually 1-2 times a week. I know many guys my age 50 do not shave their pubes, scrotum, or shaft. I like the feeling it gives the boys and the illusion of making my member seem bigger. The wife also likes the look and feel,too!
rich1958nj replied to Ramases's response:
I shave scrotum and shaft at least once a week. I like the look and feel. Also trim the pubes.
gq12 responded:
I shave the scrotum and shaft on a regular basis for a long time now. I actually take everything off from the belly button down! I trim the pubes above my shaft with a trimmer and no attachment because I don't like to shave here. I also shave below my scrotum - the taint area and ass crack. I love how the whole area feels with no hair. You should add shaving everything to your poll.
RuBare2 responded:
I shave sac and shaft. I have also shaved the entire "lawn" a couple times. But to be honest, it ITCHED to much growing back in. Reminded me of before I hit puberty.
Commando14 responded:
I regularly shave scrotum and shaft and have for several years. Also keep pubes trimmed but not shaved. A few weeks ago, while shaving, I trimmed pubes shortest they have been in a long time and also shaved below my testicles, my cheeks and crack. Havent shaved the "backyard" before and am amazed at how good it feels---considering that area has been somewhat hairy for a few decades now, it is a big change but definitely one I like and plan to continue.
GQ1985 replied to Commando14's response:
Shave on a routine basis.
gymguygreg replied to GQ1985's response:
I have shaved my scrotum and shaft for many years and kept my pubes trimmed very short. Comments from GQ12 got me interested in losing the rest of my pubes. Like him I use a body hair trimmer without the guards. The h\air is trinned down to skin level rather than below it so there is no itching like you have whan you shave and it grows out. My wife loves the smooth look and feel and has been much more into giving me oral since I took it all off. If I was naturally hairy I may feel differently about it but I have so little body hair anyway there isn't much difference.
fishburner101 responded:
Does anyone else think that when you shave your scrotum and shaft your "junk" looks younger?
john-skpt replied to fishburner101's response:
I suppose that I can see the point about looking 'younger', but that sort of androgynous, prepubescent look disturbs me. Don't like it at all.

But I do trim/shave to keep things tidy and feeling smooth. I just try not to over do it.I don't want to look like a plucked chicken in the butcher shop window.
Alexco35 replied to john-skpt's response:
I shaved everything off one time in college and I did not like it, like John said I dont like the prepubescent look either... but since I joined the boards a month ago, I've been inspired by everyones stories about trimming, so I have done that, I shaved my scrotum last week but it itches too much and will most likely not do it again..... ok I have noticed that Mature Men (50 ) dont trim or shave.. ( just from my gym experiences)... but when I was in college I remember most guys at the gym (I went to ASU) around my age at the time 23 or so, were trimmed or partially shaved... is this a new concept, for younger men/women? who knows?

I was so inspired I also shaved my goatee, I wish I hadnt... I feel too clean in the
Paulnewyork replied to Alexco35's response:
Even the guys in their 50's are now manscaping. Virtually all men under 35 do it. My doc said almost every guy does some trimming. At my gym, it is the guys in their 40's and 50's who shave it all off. I think it has to do more with security than anything else. You get to our age and you stop worrying about what other guys think. the fact is, i smell less, I'm cooler, I feel fresher. My wife LOVES it. when we have sex, there is now clean skin pressing on her clitoris and it feels great. She has always done oral, but likes it better. Bottom line, it's just cleaner for me. Pheromones are still there...just not so much musky odor.
testuser75 replied to Paulnewyork's response:
how about out of respect for your girl? shaving is a must, all.
gq12 replied to john-skpt's response:
I don't agree with the pre-pubescent look. If a guy has a fit, muscular build then he does not look like an 11 year old boy. His penis is also matured and larger, so it is just a preference.

As Greg said, I also have very little body hair, so shaving this area does not make me look like I have a bald spot in my groin, I also don't have a thick bush and the hair is very light so when I trim it short, it is hard to see anyway. The key is to be in shape if you are going to take it all off because it draws attention to this area. I do think that all guys can shave thei scrutum and penis base, and trim the area up to make it look cleaner.
Steve2257 responded:
I normally shave my scrotum and shaft. Even though I am over 50, I also trim the lawn but not so close that it itches. I did shave it off once, but like many other guys, the itching was too much for

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