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Orgasm during a massage
An_206214 posted:
I ama 21 year old guy.
I am a virgin but I occassionally masturbate.
Just last week, I went to a local salon and got a massage from a masseause. I was lying on my stomach in boxers while the therapist gave me a massage. He spent alot of time around my butt. I naturally got an erection and he continued his massage into my inner thighs, brushing against my balls.
Although it was not a dirty massage, I ejaculated 20 minutes in.
It was such an embarassment but the therapist handled it like a pro and cleaned me up. He asked me to turn around and lie on my back. He continued his massage on the front I sort of feel that one particular move led to a 2nd ejaculation within 3 minutes. He was massaging me below my belly button and my nippes and then my inner thighs.
This was very embarassing but he cleaned me up again.
He acted as if this often happens and didn't say anything but I am afraid that something might be wrong.
Please help and tell me if this needs attention.
Thanks!Poll: Is an orgasm during a massage near the genitals (not on) normal? Yes|No|
gq12 responded:
Don't worry about it at all. I have had MANY erections and have produced pre-cum, but I did one time also ejaculate during a massage. The therapist was doing my back, legs and glutes and during the inner thighs and glutes, it just happened. I was super embarrased but it did not stop me from getting massages.
I usually have undraped massages and when I am face up, I will get a full erection at times and none at others but the therapist just ignores it.

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