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justplainfickled posted:
What causes the penis to stay small, shrunk up, like you stepped outside into the cold of winter, until excited by an erection? No erectile disorders or anything. Been like this since a child but have heard that it is do to over active muscles in that area, like a weight lifter or body builder. Not sure if that is true either. My wife and I are happy but we both were wondering why that happens when I am relaxed.
zoom1969 responded:
I think actually that is pretty common for most guys! Maybe not all but some.... That happens to me too for no reason at all. Def in cold weather! But sometimes during warm weather I have had that happen too. Not all that often but sometimes. I'll have to reach down and tug at it and kind of pull it out. Not really sure what causes it. Kind of weird huh?
HEADER_72 responded:
I thought I was the only one who this happens to...
I certainly don't understand why it happens, but I do know it sucks! It's like our "Junk" has a mind of its own. Temperature definitely plays a big roll in "shrinkage", for me.
For me, when this happens, the scrotum is involved, also. It draws up so freakin' tight... you could bounce a quarter off of it.

If someone can shed some light on what causes this, please feel free to share!
An_206218 replied to HEADER_72's response:
Mine doesn't need cold weather, it is like this all the time. almost as if it was a head of a turtled pulled back in it's shell continuously. I hate it.
ChevyDudeNYC replied to An_206218's response:
The penis reacts to changes in blood flow and the scrotum reacts to temperature. Your body seeks to keep the testes cool enough or warm enough for optimal fertility. It is so normal and it just means your body is doing what it is supposed to.

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