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An_206219 posted:
I am happily uncircumcised. circumcision is a barbaric custom whose begininng is founded in ancient religions & pagan rites of passage. When was the last time God tol you to cut off part of your bod
fenton04 responded:
A little clarification on the God part. Are you talking about healthy or unhealthy body parts. Was that a rhetorical question?????
Rokk_man responded:
I've always been torn on this topic. I do believe that if you're born w/ foreskin, maybe you're meant to have it. On the other hand, circumcision has been around for a long time & it's so routine here in the U.S. that people are accustomed to seeing the cut penis. I do agree that a cut one looks a little better BUT I also lean toward letting a guy choose whether he wants to be cut or not when old enough. I think it should be their decision since it's their body. I know that most countries don't circumcise & that U.S. circumcision rates are declining quickly.
ucmale replied to fenton04's response:
I waqs referring to perfectly normal healthy body parts like the foreskin or any other appendage.
fenton04 replied to ucmale's response:
Including hair, toenail, fingernails???
ucmale replied to fenton04's response:
Last I heard... they grow back!!
Eugenio311 responded:
"If your right eye offends you pluck it out and if your right hand causes you to sin, cut it off." Matthew 5: 29-30. Not an exact quote, but close... I'm pretty sure that refers to getting rid of things in your life that cause you to stumble spiritually whereas Circumcision was a sign of obedience and sacrifice for the Hebrew people.

I'm also happily in possession of all the foreskin I was born with. I think a circumcised penis looks sad and kind of pathetic. I always feel sorry for the guy, who probably has no idea what he's missing. Others like Rokk_man have a different opinion, which is fine too.
gq12 replied to ucmale's response:
This is a very hot debate on the custom of circumcision in the US mainly. I am cut and up until I went to college, I never saw an un-cut penis. I don't know if I prefer the look of it cut because that is what I am used to? I am in S Fla and the latin culture here does not do circumcision like americans, but I do know guys who had it done during puberty or at least much later because of health concerns. So, I would not say this is some crazy pagan ritual that has been carried on for centuries unnecessarily.
fenton04 replied to ucmale's response:
My bald BIL willbe very interested in that statement. He seems to have trouble growing hair on top of his head. Who knew!!

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