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    Erection question
    rushfanyyz posted:
    Hi, I'm a teenager and I've been wondering this for a long time. When I get an erection (standing), it sticks practically straight up (maybe 15-20° from my body?) and curves slightly towards me. I can't really push it downwards much, and when I lay on my back, it lies right on top of me. Is this normal? Unfortunately, the only sexual experience I've had is porn, in which I usually see 90°-ish (and flexible, although I hear that this is due to surgery), not my 15-20°. It also makes me question whether or not I can do positions such as cowgirl. I've heard that doing jelqs can help achieve a different curvature. Is this true? Is there any method not involving surgery (unless absolutely necessary) that I can do to acheive a closer to 90° orientation (obviously not to 90, but closer in that direction)?
    All_is_One responded:
    I'm pretty sure jelqs are a 'myth', so to speak.

    In regards to your erection, you can't change it unless you get surgery, and that can be dangerous. It involves cutting some tissue down there and if they mess up at all, it can cause your erection to be weaker and it can just be bad all around.

    You're born with what you got. And what you got is very common (the erection pointing up). Mine is straight out, but the erection itself curves down slightly (also common). I wouldn't worry too much about it. Just work on trying to make yourself last longer for those women ;)
    An_206222 replied to All_is_One's response:
    I'm a lefty.
    rushfanyyz replied to All_is_One's response:
    That kind of sucks, I guess. I was hoping to get atleast to a 45°, but I don't want to mess around down there surgically. One of the things I was thinking of trying was holding a book or using a table and getting an erection, with the object preventing my penis from going straight up. I was hoping that either over time it would begin to get erect lower (into a more 45° position)/become more flexible in that manner, or it just wouldn't get fully erect each time and nothing would happen. Either way, I haven't tried that because I'm not sure if it would injure my penis or not.
    jrocker85 replied to rushfanyyz's response:
    I think you should leave things alone and let time take care of it for you. I can remember when I was a teenager pointing north was normal, as you get older you will notice the changes as you further develop. Try not to do anything that might damage yourself.
    Paulnewyork replied to jrocker85's response:
    jrocker is right. Your erection will gradually move south as you get older. Hey, the day is coming when you will think back fondly of how erect you are now! This is not a problem. Just enjoy it and leave it alone.

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