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One-button boxers
otter051069 posted:
Just wondering of the guys that wear boxers, what do you do?
Joe8843 responded:
I am a bit confused with your question. Are you asking how you handle boxers with a buttoned fly? If so, I usually leave the fly unbuttoned. My equipment stays in until I am ready to use it. I have no problem with my "boys" falling out when they should be staying in.
otter051069 replied to Joe8843's response:
Hey Joe,

Thanks for the reply, yah..., the question is a bit confusing, I thought I had attached a poll of 5 questions, but somehow I screwed it up and they didn't post. Your answer is what I was looking for, how you handle the equipment when you are ready to use. I had originally had these questions attached to the poll: 1) Do you unbutton and button; 2) Leave unbuttoned; 3) Unbuckle; unzip and pull only "Mr. Johnson" over the top; 4) Unbuckle; unzip and pull all the "equipment" over the top; 5) Snake "Mr. Johnson" down a leg of the boxers. Probably a dumb question, but just wondering how any of you other guys "handle the problem".

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