Puffy spot near scrotum?
JokeyMokey posted:
So yesterday I noticed a puffy spot near my scrotum. It's on the left side where the scrotum connects with the rest of the body, at the top. It looks puffy. When I feel it, there aren't any, like, masses or anything. I can't feel anything solid, it's just puffy.

What do you think this is? I'm sure I probably need to go to the doctor to get it checked out, but I don't have insurance, and I really don't want to go just to check that one spot. There really isn't any pain but sometimes it does feel sort of odd. Like maybe a pinching or tangled feeling? Plus it's sort of awkward to go to the doctor and have him poke around down there.
GuardSquealer responded:
Honestly it sounds like it might be a hernia. I would try to get it checked. Is there a free clinic you can go to? It can become serious if not taken care of.