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    Father/Son relationship - Inspiring Locker Room Story
    An_206229 posted:
    I remember a post some time back (I can't remember which forum), so I was wondering if any of you knew which post I was talking about.

    I would like to find it, because it was quite an inspiring story where a father details his openness with his son, leading both of them to be secure in their masculinity. I'll tell as much as I remember to see if any of you know where it is. (Google search failed me).

    As far as I remember, a father and his son (somewhere between 17 and college age if I recall) went to the son's gym together. After working out, the father was going to get in one of the two hot tubs in te locker room. As he did, the son motioned him to get in the other, and he soon learned why. The jets were located in such a way that they found pleasurable. When it was time to shower, the son told the father to come, but the father declined, saying that he would need a minute to "calm down". His son said "no, don't worry about it. Everyone is cool here at my gym." and they both headed to the showers half-mast, no worries.

    That's all that my memory recalls...can anyone post a link to this post (like I said I can't remember what website it was on). I would like to find it, as it was a great inspiring story of a father-son open relationship.
    GaMale770 responded:
    I know exactly what post you're talking about, if I find it I'll post it for you.
    longodon replied to GaMale770's response:
    I remember it also, it was GymGymGreg who told us about the time at his son's gym. He has always been very open and straight forward with his four boys. He is quite a father. Have not heard from him lately. Where are you Greg???
    An_206230 replied to GaMale770's response:
    Has anyone found this?
    GaMale770 replied to An_206230's response:
    I've had no luck locating that post
    tnguy1 replied to GaMale770's response:
    It was in the old WebMD communities.
    Anon_129067 replied to tnguy1's response:
    Is there any way to locate this? It was a great story.
    stev1022 replied to Anon_129067's response:
    If it was gymguygreg that posted it, then you may be able to find him in the directory and where it tells how many discussions he has had, click on that and it will show you all of his discussions.... from there it would be just finding the story you are looking for.
    It may take some time depending on how many discussions he has.... and if I remember correctly, he was a great contributor.
    I wish he would come back......
    jmgg5000 responded:
    yea hot tubs feel good when your naked in them for sure. locker rooms are always good male bonding experiances for sure. my grandfather had a farm and in the barn he put in a full locker room/showers gang showers so we would go in and shower after a long day of working on the farm often it was my grandpa dad me my cousins and other male workers that happen to help out. my grandpa would put a sign up by the barn door that showers are in use so my girls cousins and females would give us our space til we were done. a few times my girl cousins walked in just to look and i was always cool with it. i feel often the first female a guy sees naked in his life is normaly a sister or cousin or close female friend. anyways in the showers we would all be naked and as a boy seeing other men naked it was very cool
    nickjacob32 responded:
    Would love to talk to you bout this. I spent most of my life in the locker rooms with my dad
    rob15lov replied to nickjacob32's response:
    We would love to hear more here in much greater detail bro.
    nickjacob32 replied to rob15lov's response:
    Email me rob. nickjacob28@yahoo

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