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i feel uncomfortable around white guys but i am straight
An_206232 posted:
feel uncomfortable around other american guys i like american men and had done a lot of things with "white guys" I think we have a lot in common but yet i don't feel comfortable around them most times. I am a hispanic looking guy, tall, no ugly, manly looking,i dont look shy but i am shy. I think a lot of guys think i am gay but i am really not i like pussy. the thing is i feel insecure towards white guys' may i ask how do you see hispanic or latino men? no rised in the, good english no accent. is it me? please be honest
zoom1969 responded:
I am your average white American guy! I have quite a few Hispanic/ Latino/ Mexican friends. I live near several authentic Mexican restaurants that I go to often. I have gotten to be really good friends w/ several of the guys that work at them. Sometimes I have hung out w/ them outside of the restaurants. There have been times that the owner of one of the restaurants has let me stay after closing to watch soccer games w/ several of the guys. We always have such a blast! I like the fact too that most of my Hispanic friends are affectionate. Most them always hug me when they see me or when I am leaving!
vivanowmedia replied to zoom1969's response:
hairyd responded:
Why judge a guy by his skin tone. All male have a penis and bleed red. If you enjoy the pleasure of the female, why would they think your gay. Why does it matter what they think. If your enjoy your sex needs. I was raise in a neighborhood with one culture. But I have learn from friends enjoyments of their cultures. I always advise go to a gym were you able to be naked with other males. Removing the armor of clothes you are able to share male to male bonding. Continue to enjoy life and the pus. Keep us posted
undefined replied to hairyd's response:
I have same issue i feel awkward with other guys specially those are not that close to me but i'm straight ever since but when one event happen to me i tend to doubt my self now but and i tend to research i see some issue like hocd and so-ocd but don't like this awkwardness but i will try your advice sometime i loose some topic and the silence awkwardness but fk i don't want to be a homo never even if people agree with that i don't care don't wanna i want a woman but sh3t happens like this awkwardness

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