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Where have you done it?
Mark94 posted:
Since I was reprimanded for this post on the Men's Sexual issues board from and anonymous user (hopefully I won't have to sit in the corner or get a spanking) I thought I would share it on this board since maybe this is where the real men hang out and discuss things. Actually this is where I should have probably posted it in the first place.

What is the most unusual place you ever had to take a pee? I have had to pee on a gravel road in front of my truck once and once in a cup while I was traveling because I had no place to go. So share your stories I am sure we will get some good ones.
SS1995 responded:
on a parked Ryder truck.. ha
HairyD replied to SS1995's response:
I am not sure about unusual .Because ,veI done it anywhere that I think I will not be arrested. I the 70's my gf and I when to the stage of outside rock concert for a autographs. Just as I started to pee the spot light hit me. You could see me on a live screen showing the crowd. I could not stop the flow.
There was also the time I when to a party at a girlfriend's parents for the first time.. When I turn off the road to a long driveway. I stopped to pee. I did not know I was on a security camera. Therefore everyone at the formal dinner saw me on the security screens before I met them.
Also being show a picture or me peeing off a cruise ship.
zoom1969 responded:
I had shared this awhile back. One night a buddy and I were sitting in a car listening to some music/ drinking beers in a parking lot near some apartments. It was really late and quiet. Had to pee really bad and walked over to a dumpster that was nearby. Started peeing and these 2 really big dogs started barking! There was a little deck on one of the apartments right above the dumpster and thats where the dogs were. Lights in the different apts started coming on! Hurried up and got back into the car and left!
gymrat44 responded:
This one is a little different since I didn't really have to pee -- it was more of a ceremonial pee.

Some years back my wife and I had just bought our first house which was a new construction. The neighborhood where it was built required six-foot wooden fences all around the back yard (good for nude sunbathing and barbecuing, but that's another story). So we arranged to have a fence built. When I got home on the day that it was put in my wife greeted me at the door and then took me out to the yard to show me the new fence. Then she had a humorous glint to her eye and asked me if I would be a good doggie and pee in all four corners of the fence to claim it as truly my own. If I did, I would get an extra good scratch behind the ears that night.

So I whipped my penis out and, having practiced kegels to strengthen my pelvic muscles, I was able to run from corner to corner and managed to make one pee last long enough to get fence boards wet in all four corners. She was amazed at my pee prowess! Later that night when I mounted her she gave me scratches behind both ears at the same time and I exploded delightfully! Best fence I ever had.
HairyD replied to gymrat44's response:
gymrat ; great story, we do not have the fence, but I mark my yard each morning before coffee on the deck

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