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What's the funniest time you found that you were without any of your clothes?
gymrat44 posted:
Most of us have an occasional dream of being someplace and discovering that you don't have any clothes on. And sometimes it actually does happen!

One time I was in between jobs and found it wise to go to the city gym instead of renewing my health club membership. The gym was a pretty good facility and was attached to the city's police academy. I would stop in there at odd times during the day to avoid workout and locker room crowds.

After finishing a workout one day I went back to the locker room, stripped and went into the sauna with only a small 12"x18 towel to sit on. While I was in the sauna I heard the loud noise of a recruit class coming into the shower area for a clean-up. By the time I had worked up a good sweat and was ready to come out of the sauna all the recruits had gone. And so was my ditty bag with my locker key in it! There was absolutely no one else in the locker room, I had no way to get at my stuff and as luck would have it I had a job interview coming up in a hour. And I couldn't expect anybody to show up in the locker room anytime soon; after all, I did choose to come during quiet periods.

My choices were limited. What I did do was take my small towel, hold it over my abdomen, square my sholulders and walk out of the locker room down the hall to the main office of the police academy. I went up to the counter and told the blue-haired lady behind the desk that apparently in their zeal to leave the lockeroom spotless and free of gear one of the recruits had taken my small black shaving kit away along with anything else left behind. The woman (bless her!) did not appear to be either surprised or distressed to see me as I was. She told me she'd take care of it and disappeared behind a door.

Within a minute a nervous young recruit came out with my shaving bag, saying "Sir! I'm sorry I took your gear! Sir!" I thanked him, took my bag and retreated to the sanctuary of the locker room, my bare butt clearly visible to the front office as I went.

I made the interview, didn't get the job but looking back at the event I realize that the important thing was my squaring my shoulders before I went to the academy office: by doing so I had changed myself from "naked" (should be clothed, but isn't) to "nude" (without clothes as appropriate to the situation, albeit rather extenuating). Self confidence is important, and clothes do not make the man. (I do wonder sometimes what happened to the recruit).

So, what funny time have you had when you found out you didn't have your clothes? Bet you guys have some good stories waiting to be told!
thereisalight responded:
A friend pulled a prank on me by moving my stuff from my locker to a different locker (at the YMCA). I had five guys helping me find my clothes when finally my friend returned to show me where he had put them. It wasn't so bad because the other guys were also naked going through the empty lockers looking for my belongings.
gymrat44 replied to thereisalight's response:
There was a time when I went to visit an old service buddy up in northern Maine. It was late spring and one day we went out from his house for a hike. After a mile or two we came to a good-sized pond with no people in sight. Since the water had just warmed up enough to swim in he suggested that we just shuck our clothes and get in for a swim. The water really seemed cold to me but after moving around for a few minutes it began to feel OK. My friend knew the area pretty well and said that if we swam down to the little island with the pine tree on it and back we would have swum a mile. So we did -- we would have raced each other but the day was so peaceful we just plodded along. Part way down the pond we started to hear the mournful call of the loons which were swimming next to us. The raw nature of the isolation, the birds and us swimming nude together was a wonderful experience. Then we headed back and, surprise! Neither of us could remember which of the many seemingly identical inlets were where we had left our clothes! But we didn't panic: after going ashore three times we finally found them, and then sat around for half an hour or so in the sun getting dry enough to put our clothes back on. After that I always mad sure to tie a sock or a kerchief on a tree limb high enough to see from the water when I tried skinny dipping in the woods again!
manhood should be enjoyed, not proven -- gymrat44

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