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Showers and politeness at the gym
arnblazer posted:
It doesn't matter if the gym has communal or partitioned showers; they have open locker bay. So,if someone seems to stare at you, just ignore him. Finish doing your business, and leave. Some, younger ones, might be intimidated by gthe older ones with all those muscles ripping from their bodies. They don't understand that it took years of discipline, and they don't know how to ask to know what to do in order to get that shape. Some,obvious, might "compare" bodies. It's normal. But take the gym's experience as an opportunity to expand your social circle. Some guys might try to start a conversation because they've seen you at the same regular times and we, humans, are social animals. There are opportunities to nourish just a random rapport, possible acquaintanceship, and even friendships! If you don't want to socialize when someone want s to strike just a conversation, you can simple say:"Hi. man. I'm in a hurry for work/home. Nice to meet you; we'll chat some other time. Thanks.' It pays to be polite. What if you end up with a flat tire on the side of the road and someone that have seen you at the gym can stop and help you or keep you company for safety reasons? Situations like so had happened. What if yous car's battery suddenly is dead and someone offers you help? Again; it pays to be polite at the gym. You don't know when and where you might end up needing a helping hand.

Also, don't "hog" the machines or equipment; you are not the only one needing to use'em! Limit yourself to no more than 5 mins at the station or equipment. Rudeness doesn't look good on anybody.

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