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Stretching my ball sack???
Joe8843 posted:
My ball sack is so tight to my body that I can hardly see my balls. I found after a search on Google that you can stretch the sack and decided to give it a try. I am wrapping a piece of double sided valcro starting at the top of the sack and working towards my balls pushing downward to stretch the sack. I leave things this way for several hours with minimal discomfort. After I remove the valcro, my sack definitely hangs lower although it eventually pulls up.

My quetion- have any of you guys tried this and did it work? What method did you use to stretch your sack? Will your balls eventually hang low without stretching?

Thanks in advance for your comments.
gymrat44 responded:
Haven't tried it -- I just let heat take care of the issue. When it's cold (or I'm greatly excited/about to cum) my balls will just about crawl up inside me; when it's warm, like when I'm in a steamroom, they loosen up and fall. Balls need to be at a lower temperature than the body so they rise and fall to keep at a cooler temperature.

I don't see an advantage to having lower balls -- they tend to slap around and be vulnerable. Why do you want to stretch your sack? I can understand wanting to find out what's possible, that's for sure. But that's a tender area and I'd be concerned of huring something.
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HairyD responded:
What is your age? Some men testicle with hang like a animal with age. Check out the locker room in a gym My has not and therefore it make my penis look longer.
gq12 replied to HairyD's response:
I don't understand the wanting for low hanging balls? Like the others said, mine will pull up and drop down depending on the temp or what I am doing even.

I did see an old man at a nude beach and he must have had balls that hung down 8-10"!! It looked so uncomfortable, plus his penis length was so much shorter it made that look small. If he was not careful, he would sit on them (which reminds me of a "Curb your Enthusiasm" show!).

If you are concerned that your testicles never drop down to any sort of hang, I would ask your doctor and not try to stretch them too much.

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