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Penis Size
Gary0329 posted:
This is always a common topic in the old board, so lets start a new one for the new board.
1) What size is your flaccid penis?
2) What size is your erect penis?
3) Are you pleased or displeased with either size?

1) 1-2" (It varies)
2) 5.5"
3) I've finally accepted my God-given sizes.
Alexco35 responded:
About 3.5 flaccid, and 6 erect, and more thickness about 5 around.. in an effort to get the ballI(s) rolling here are my measurements... wish it was longer, but dont mind the thickness and dont mind what god has given
Commando14 responded:
Im about 2-3 flaccid and then grow to about 6 or so when erect. Thickness is about 5 around and I am comfortable with my size--(of course an extra few inches would be nice)
BuddyFavor responded:
Wow, I just measured and I'm only 2.75" flaccid. Erect, about 5.25". But I guess it is adequate, since I've been married to the same woman for a long time and never cheated...we still have good sex, but I wish it was more often
Contemplating19 responded:
1) 9 in long, 2 in thick

2) 10 in long, 2.5 in thick

3) I am rather displeased and would feel a bit more comfortable with a 7incher... however as I have said before. This is my penis and I'm stuck with it. Atleast I'm not 12X3 as some guy said he was before the boards changed. *whew*
Ramases responded:
I am about 2-3 inches flaccid. Now that I am older I am 5-5.5 inches erect and 4 inches around. When I was younger I wanted a bigger penis, but now I am satisfied and happy that the equipment still works at 50 years!
Rokk_man responded:
Flaccid is 2.5 - 3 inches.
Erect is 6 inches.
I'm ok with this size but I'd gladly take 2 more inches if given the choice.
calvinrankin7 responded:
1) 3-4" flaccid
2) 6-7" erect 2" thickness
3) mmm yeah im pretty pleased. can go for more thickness and longer foreskin though
Runningguy61 replied to calvinrankin7's response:
4" flaccid
7.25" erect and 5.5" round
RuBare2 responded:
1. flacid: 2 - 3" (weather permitting
2. erect: good day 5.5" x 5", very good day 6" x 5.75"
3. like to have more.. but it is working great for me..
JohnEndowed replied to RuBare2's response:
Hey Everyone, formerly known as JohnTheHorse on here. Couldn't log in under my old info for some reason, so I am now 'JohnEndowed'. I have had very big penis size since being a teen. I'm 40 now. Here are my responses:

1. Flaccid 7x6"

2. Erect 10-10.5" x 2.5" across (7 around circumference)

3. I sometimes wish I had less: people don't realize that guys with big cocks have problems concealing the bulge and also penetration during oral and vaginal (anal) sex.
gq12 replied to JohnEndowed's response:
1- 4" flacid
2- 6.5" - 7" erect and 5" around

For those who give the width, you should use a measuring tape and go around your penis at it't thickest.

I am happy w/ ehat I've got anfd have gotten many compliments.
RuBare2 replied to JohnEndowed's response:
If ya ever want to transfer some of your length to me, I would like that! Maybe we could even it out so we're the same size? LOL!
indigodude88 responded:
1) about 5.5" long flaccid, 4.5" to 5" around
2) 8.75" long erect, 6.5" around (about 2" to 2.5" thick)
3) Sometimes in enjoy that it's large other times I wish it were smaller, as erections in public can be quite annoying. I'm a virgin, so I'll see how my future wife likes it.
bj102364 replied to indigodude88's response:
5"flaccid, 7" erect, 4.5" around. I'm happy with it.

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