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hairyd posted:
In playing golf. If a man bunt of a drive didn't even reach the front tees. He gotta do a dick out for the rest of the round. At some clubs that person has to undo there fly and tuck in there shirt and let his penis hang out of the fly. Other clubs he has to drop his pants around his ankles letting his penis hang out in full view for the remainder of the holes. I seen this played in diferant states and London.
Or the sun burned penis in the locker / shower

Guys can anyone tell me were this started. Is it only to embrass the guy more? Or for him to prove his manhood?

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gymrat44 responded:
I don't know, but there was always some reason I never was interested in taking up golf!

And doesn't it seem too bad that exposing one's penis is being done here as a penalty? Better have it as something like a recognition for achievement, being first or something like that. Dicks deserve some respect! (At least I think mine does).
manhood should be enjoyed, not proven -- gymrat44
fenton04 responded:
When I went to school in the southern U.S. there was a different ritual. You had to play the rest of the round with a putter inserted in the rectum. Wow that sure looked painful. But it sure did make for some interesting golf!!!!
Anon_527 responded:
I am so thankful I never took an interest in golf.
hairyd replied to fenton04's response:
Fenton04, I bet you could shared some great stories about pranks the boys in the south pulls on other men.
Pants down and a putter inserted in his anus. I know there was pain. I always holler to the doc and my wife. Extra gel please. But the southern men raise their sons to be tough men.

Gymrat, I respect my penis. But after the numerous schools / sport group physicals; fraternal organizations
and other men's clubs humiliation used as a way of initiating a members, strip search and other times. I have discussed in different threads. Letting your penis hang is healthy and normal. My penis is not has long has my arms. Lol. But IT is a important limb. Why be embarrassed that other men see your manhood.
Golf competition is a great time for men to spend time together with men talk. Competing men swinging a Rod to be the best getting his Balls into 18 Holes. (I love being a real man.)
fenton04 replied to hairyd's response:
I don t know if this is important. But you are supposed to insert the handle of the putter. Not the club head of the putter. Makes a BIG difference.
hairyd replied to fenton04's response:
LOL, I do not wantt it either way. In my tight rear. Yes there is a Big difference the handle is measured by feet and putter by inches. I know it would give me a big boner. I know his lady got plenty of inches when he got home.

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