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    Music to Masturbate By
    gymrat44 posted:
    Usually setting a scene for some self-pleasuring doesn't involve including a sound track, even though music is very important in adding emotion. Ever think of what a role it plays in the movies we go to? Sometimes I won't even be aware of the music -- but it's there and it does add to the total experience..

    I don't think about including music when I'm scheduling some QPT (Quality Penis Time) -- which is too bad, since it can have an impact. But I do remember one time some years back when music did add to my experience, even though I hadn't planned it.

    It was one of those quiet, easy mornings when you wake up slowly, feeling comfortable, happy -- and very, very hard. I was by myself and reached down to start some gentle stroking, not with any intent to bring myself to orgasm but just to enjoy how my penis felt -- its size, its texture, the way it responded and how it made me feel. I wasn't fully awake yet and enjoyed becoming more and more conscious as my penis became more and more the focus of my attention. Without realizing it I happily slipped over the border from just being a guy who's enjoying fingering his penis to being just the life support system for a raging erect penis which is insisting that it be attended to, and attended to now!

    I had no problem with that and increased my both my strokes and the degree of firmness of my hold. Then just as I felt the mounting physical inevitability of ejaculation kick in my clock radio alarm went off. Apparently I had set the radio to a classical station and the music which suddenly filled the room was the very end of one of those magnificent 19th century symphonies with the music rising in grandeur to its own inevitable climax. The music continued its progression and then amazingly just after the last long note came along and my penis felt that it was about to explode, the symphony ended in three short staccato notes just as a rapid series of spurts send a load of warm semen onto the orchestra pit of my abodomen!

    It was wholly unplanned, wholly unexpected and quite wonderful. That one time only I consider my masturbation to have been a piece of performance art, something truly to be appreciated.

    Hope you've enjoyed hearing about my experience -- maybe you've had something similar happen, or maybe you have something like that to look forward to.

    Remember to take care, stay hard and enjoy!
    manhood should be enjoyed, not proven -- gymrat44
    jrocker85 responded:
    A gymrat I have a lump in my jeans right now, also am listening to classical piano right now as it tunes out co-workers on never-ending conference calls. I wish I could write like that. Keep up it.
    gymrat44 replied to jrocker85's response:
    Jrocker, thanks for letting me know you enjoyed my story. I appreciate your kind words but even more I appreciate that I helped stiffen you up! That thought is now turning full circle and is now getting me going. Fortunately, there's a men's room down the hall.
    manhood should be enjoyed, not proven -- gymrat44

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