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first time you had to take a shower in gym class?
jmgg5000 posted:
For me it was 6th grade was the first time that we had to take showers in gym class so we had a locker room that we would use before and after class. some of the boys i could tell were more shy then others. They would turn so you would just see there butts and walk quick in and out of the showers so others would not get a view of there penis area. I was comfy with being nude and it did not bother me as i was use to being naked around my friends and younger brother.

Just wondering if anyone has stories like that??
tnguy1 responded:
For me it was 5th grade PE back in the late 60s with the gang shower. Most of us didn't really care for it because the water was not warm and so it was a quick in an out.
Pyewacat responded:
I was in junior high school. We had swim class, I was very scared and nervous because I had never seen other boys my age nude. After a few classes I was much more comfortable being naked around my friends. One day I was about to get in the shower when one of my classmates pointed and said "it's sticking straight up!". I had no idea what he was talking about until I looked down and noticed that I had a huge erection pointing straight up towards the ceiling. Needless to say, at the time, I was mortified. One reason was I had no idea that other people penises pointed straight out where mine pointed straight up, the other reason was that I had an erection around all of my junior high classmates.

I was very self-conscious about the fact that my penis pointed straight up towards my chin. In high school, however, I had one of those spontaneous erections in math class. It was snaking down my leg and very uncomfortable and very noticeable. I pushed it down and heard and felt a POP. I had snapped the suspensory ligament. From that day on, my penis no longer achieved a high angle and stuck straight out or down.
jmgg5000 replied to Pyewacat's response:
yea i am sure its normal to be little nervous at first. when i was in 6th grade like i said it was first year i had to shower in gym class and i was comfy with it. i remember a few times getting in the shower and my penis became erect for some reason or another and i just kept on showering. in 8th grade while in the shower the girls dared a girl to run in the shower room i remember putting my hands over my penis fast and turning so she would see my butt side.
hairyd replied to jmgg5000's response:
If only we had the same knowledge in the 8th grade. We have as a 30 plus MAN.
jmgg5000 replied to hairyd's response:
yea if a girl or woman walked in on you would you cover or let her look?
hairyd replied to jmgg5000's response:
I know damn well...... I would let her look..........
Hoping to well. I showed her mine. Now its HER time to show ME "HERS" Then I would be working Hard..To get her back and screaming with PLEASURE. Yeah, the memorys of youth.
tnguy1 replied to Pyewacat's response:
When I was a camp counselor at an overnight camp and had 8-9 year old boys, we had this one kid that always had an erection in the showers. He was never bashful or self-conscious about it and all the other boys in the cabin didn't make a big fuss or tease him about it. Although I am quite sure most of them had not seen an erect penis before they came to camp.

It was totally strange so we, the counselors, never made a big deal about it.
jmgg5000 replied to tnguy1's response:
yea well its normal i know my penis will be come erect in a shower for no real reason it just happens and its like its a normal thing so when it happen to those 8 and 9 year olds its just a part of being a male. i am glad he was ok with it and not a big issue. the other day i was in the local YMCA taking a shower and there was a few 9 year olds and they were in the shower and one of them got a erect penis the other boys where looking of course but they did not make a big deal out of it. i notice that they were also looking at mine a few times too just kinda checking what an adults looks like.

yea if a woman walked in on me i would be like go ahead and look as a kid i would of covered but i am comfy with my body as an adult and would be like go ahead and look but then they would have to let me see there boobs only a fair trade.
tnguy1 replied to jmgg5000's response:
I am surprise there isn't separate locker rooms for men and young boys at your local YMCA. At my gym, boys under 16 have to use their own locker room and showers.
jmgg5000 replied to tnguy1's response:
well the one here there is just a mens locker room and female lpocker rooms so when i am in the shower there are kids and adults in the showers i dont mind though it dont bother me really. the times i been in kids are normaly with there dad or older brother etc.
Anon_130552 replied to tnguy1's response:
tnguy1, I understand rules.
But the management must not realize. A teenager can also be a prevert. I would prefer to be with my son. Adult supervision. Also I have seen teenagers hanging to the floor. While the adult male penis was hiding for cover in the bush.

If it was my YMCA there would be changes. Or I and my friends would be breaking the rules.
jmgg5000 replied to Anon_130552's response:
when i was in high school our gym class was last class of the day and often the teacher would be in shower with us taking a shower but seems like cause of the Penn state deal and others gym teachers have to wait til kids are out before they can shower. also we had gang showers so if you where in the shower you could see everyone else naked as well. now they have privacy walls and curtins by each shower head at least at the schools here. it is like parents told schools they dont want there sons being seen nude by other classmates and its like people need to get real i feel nudity is normal and natural and nothing to be ashamed of
Polfsky responded:
Somehow my high school didn't enforce shower after gym class, so no one showered. If I had to, I would have been horrified because I would always have an erection.

The first time I ever showered in front of others was at a YMCA club. It was an open shower, no stalls. I was very curious and excited and would look forward to it. I had to work very hard at suppressing my erection.

Nowadays I still look forward to showering after workout or swimming at the gym. I deliberately go to a location where stalls have no curtains. I have no problem with uncontrollable erection any more. Must be because I'm older now.
jmgg5000 replied to Polfsky's response:
yea when i was in middle school and high school we had to shower after gym. i loved it cause i liked being clean after running around and being nude around classmates and friends i was always comfy being nude. our gym teacher would often join us as from 6 to 12th grade i always had gym as last class so often the teacher would shower with us so he could get clean too. our middle school teacher had a big penis so we would always look and check it out when your a 6th grader a big penis is cool ya know lol. my friends told me that mine was a good size for my age so often they would be checking mine out as well in the shower. the school i went to know instead of gang showers use privacy curtins and walls up between stalls so kids dont have to worry about being looked at. i think parents for most part are behind it they dont want there son to be seen nude by there classmates. and it is sad really. i grew up in the country so me and my friends always would see eachother nude as we use to skinny dip at the creek down the road after we worked around the farms and stuff. my grandpa had a farm so i would go help and get all hot and smelly and would cool off in the creek with my friends. always fun for sure.

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