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this morning
jmgg5000 posted:
this morning i woke up and walked naked to kitchen like i often do to get coffee i could smell coffee and figured my wife made some so i walk in and her best female friend and her little daugther who is 10 was in the kitchen there was a round mixing bowl close so i use it to cover my penis quick but they both got a little peak. her friend has seen me before and it was not a big deal but because of her 10 year old i figured i better cover they saw my butt though as i walked back to get some clothes. though you all might enjoy reading this

have you ever been caught nude unexpected and what did you do about it???
hairyd responded:
All of my wife family and friends. Also my family and friends.
I agree to cover the penis since it was a daughter. But if it had been a son. I would have continued as normal.
This will give the mother a good option to explain. I sure if the daughter has been to movies. She has seen alot of male's BUNS.
jmgg5000 replied to hairyd's response:
yea well when i got dressed and came back the mom said her daughter has seen her dads penis many times so she was not worried if she happen to get a little peak of it. and yea most movies today show lot of male butts they dont show a guys penis very much though yet they will show a womans butt and breasts.
jd1000 replied to hairyd's response:
yea movies these days show male butts more often then there penis but women they show both boobs and butt side. even if the girl seen your penis it would not be end of the world i dont think lol. i mean if a boy was in the room and your wife came out topless then the boy would get a good view lol. i have 2 boys and a daughter and they have all seen me walking around house naked and they all are fine kids.

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