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Shaving Underarm Hair
An_247002 posted:
Beside shaving my facial hair, I also shave my underarm hair because of aesthetic reason (i.e. when wearing tank top during workout at the gym).

Is it weird? I don't think any of my guy friends shave theirs.

Also, if anyone else out there also does this. Do you guys know of a better way to get rid of underarm hair? Is there any cream that you can apply to get rid of the hair safely without health risks?
gymrat44 responded:
I've done it on occasion -- now mainly just try to keep pit hair from getting out of control

There are a number of us guys who shave off just about all of our body hair -- Norelco makes a product just for that and probably other companies do, also. At one time I was doing a good deal of nude beaching and thought it would be fun to strip myself of most of my hair as well. Only problem was the hair grew back in so quickly it took quite a while to shave it all. And I became sensitive to having stubble on my forearms -- that I think is a little wierd.

But hey, if you want to shve your pits, go for it! It probably does make you look better. And if you think you look better you will feel better and be happier.
manhood should be enjoyed, not proven -- gymrat44
uniquescreenname responded:
Thanks, gymrat44, by the way for reminding me via MSI, that this forum is alive and well!

I also a Norelco product (the Body Groom) to shave my pits and pubes. I do it to take down the funk which latches onto my pit hair - and also because I cannot stand deodorant balls stuck in the hair. Gross! I shave once a week when I shave my head so it is rather consistent and doesn't get long enough to irritate. I've concentrated lately on checking out balls and chests in the locker room...maybe I'll switch to pits and see if there is a trend toward shaving or if most guys at my Y are au natural. Maybe I'll start by asking my work buddy.
Polfsky replied to uniquescreenname's response:
Cool. Keep us posted.
cageyexec responded:
I keep my pits buzzed short. Even grown out I wasn't sporting huge hedges there, but I definitely prefer the short look. I have shaved them, but that led to itch and bumps and all that. Buzzed short has all the advantages with none of the downside. Plus there is still hair there so when I am at the gym it looks like a guy's pit.

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