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gymrat44 posted:
I've been feeling really great all day today, good mood, lots of energy. And I have been thinking that my good emotional and physical feeling is a result of having had a good outdoors work-out before breakfast, something that I haven't seemed to fit in the last couple of weeks and I'm so glad I'm doing that again.
But hold it! I had a warm and cheeful recollection that something else happened this morning. I came out of sleep fully a half hour before I answered my muscles need to go outside, stretch, lift and play. As I woke up I had rolled over and as a nude sleeper it wasn't hard to miss the feeling of my erection pushing against the bedclothes. Naturally I reached down, grabbed it and started to feel how wonderfully large and hard it was. I then reached down to gently massage my scrotum. I felt my balls and noticed that they were hanging loose, indicating that I was a long way from shooting any semen. So I was able to spend a half hour gently stroking, massaging and truly appreciating a magnificent erection. I had no need to shoot today and didn't, just spent the time bonding with my buddy.
And I know I've had times like those described by others on these boards -- just being too busy and caught up with life to have time left to masturbate. Hey, guys, we gotta take care of ourselves because who else is gonna do it? So I came up with the idea of setting the alarm back now and then so I can wake up early, lie back and enjoy being a man who is hard for a while before I have to start the day. And when I do I'll be thinking of the greater brotherhood who may be doing the exact same thing at that very moment . . . now there's a pleasant thought!
manhood should be enjoyed, not proven -- gymrat44
alantewks responded:
It's wonderful that you still get morning wood. I'm 66 and I haven't had morning wood for years. What is your secret to being able to get it up? I'm very active , thin, workout three times a week and I have ED.
gymrat44 replied to alantewks's response:
Yeah, I do appreciate waking up hard every day and try not to take it for granted. I do have experience with ED and use Androgel (prescription male hormone) regularly. And I make sure I don't become overweight, stay active and watch all the other health points. But it could be that I just have 'horny bastard' genes, I don't know.

You might check with your doctor and ask about male hormone testing/replacement the next time you happen to go in. If it could get you back to starting your day with hard-ons it would be worth asking.
manhood should be enjoyed, not proven -- gymrat44
alantewks replied to gymrat44's response:
My T is within normal range. My doctor says it is age related. I was using Viagra but recently it hasn't been working. I'm reluctant to start injections so we'll see.

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