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hairyd posted:
Having been naked all my life with friends and family males. I have never watch another male strip. But because of questions on these sites. I have started looking a the males in gym, men swim nights, men's room, males locker room and showers, or at their home. .
I found it amusing that almost 95% of all the guys "fluffed" themselves before they took off their underwear. Also alot of these dudes continue
afterward, when they were naked. To fluffing themsellves just like ducks. every few minutes. I admit it but I have found myself after I am naked give my penis a good pull sometimes but it for comfort. Not exactly like at my doctor's vist when he gives it a firm tug to get a better view of the whole dick. Are you a fluffer? Is this masturbation to get your penis semi hard? Before you let the other guys see your equipment. I have not seen men do this with a female because they already have some type of erection.

Anon_130552 responded:
I want to use this blog to inspire self confidence in myself and other men who are insecure with their bodies and/or penis size. We should all work up some courage, get naked, enjoy ourselves and be proud of who we are and how we look.Before the U.S. got all homophobic, male nudity in locker rooms was a not a big deal. Had gym class where we were required to shower in a group shower room. Everyone was very causal about it and not a big deal.
jrocker85 replied to Anon_130552's response:
You are right Anon... I hit the gym about the same time every day and the showers about the same time and am comfortable letting it out to swing freely, not problem. With the same guys too and if you are relaxed about it they become relaxed too. I do remember the feeling of being uptight in the locker area but after initiating idle chat to a guy you see naked and kinda of letting him know your really not there to creep them out the become relaxed and
are free'er to not climb into the locker to change. There are plenty who like their privacy and that is respected too and no one really is flopping all over the place. But it's relaxed and I like that.

As for the fluffing depending on the day I might give a little tug and pull from a good workout...
gq12 responded:
I am a fluffer for sure! I am better than average, but I want to impress when showering or using the sauna so I always give it a few tugs to be sure I get a little extra blood flow. No erection, but a bit fuller!!
bbbguy responded:
I think it is natural for guys to fluff themselves. Especially if a guy is not concerned about being naked around other guys, such as in locker rooms or showers. Some men just simply like to show off what they have. So they may fluff or give their penis a tug just so that it will be out in all it's glory. I think it is a macho thing and most likely a healthy thing for a male who is secure enough to be naked around other guys. It's no big deal if the penis is simi hard, especially if the guy has just spent time working out or doing some vigorous swimming or wrestling or racket ball or whatever. The male body has just worked up a lot of testosterone and pumped muscles and a semi hard penis will be the result. If you see a guy with one in the shower and you don't like it, then just look the other way. Guys are guys.

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