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hairyd posted:
Having been naked all my life with friends and family males. I have never watch another male strip. But because of questions on these sites. I have started looking a the males in gym, men swim nights, men's room, males locker room and showers, or at their home. .
I found it amusing that almost 95% of all the guys "fluffed" themselves before they took off their underwear. Also alot of these dudes continue
afterward, when they were naked. To fluffing themsellves just like ducks. every few minutes. I admit it but I have found myself after I am naked give my penis a good pull sometimes but it for comfort. Not exactly like at my doctor's vist when he gives it a firm tug to get a better view of the whole dick. Are you a fluffer? Is this masturbation to get your penis semi hard? Before you let the other guys see your equipment. I have not seen men do this with a female because they already have some type of erection.

gymrat44 responded:
I'm a fluffer. But only after I've removed the restrictions of clothing.

After a workout it really feels great to get back to the locker room and peel off the clothes, especially if they've gotten soggy with sweat. And once the jockstrap comes off (yes, I'm one of the old-timers who still uses one) it's an unconscious act to fluff up those stuck-together pendulous parts which have been stuffed away in cramped corners. Fluffing doesn't get me hard at all, as that's not the purpose. But I do get a little bigger just swinging free -- and having had a little self-attention. They I head off to the showers/steam room to clean-up and relax. Sometimes there will be some more touching later as feels comfortable -- I don't let other people being around stop that. It's just part of who I am and where I am.
manhood should be enjoyed, not proven -- gymrat44

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