Extreme pain in knee during sex
An_250705 posted:
I feel pain in my knee when doing sex.Sometimes its so much that i loose my mojo and go soft and my wife get update and even i get pissed off myself.Its like the more i do it and the more i am close to ejaculation i feel more pain.why is that so? what should i do to stop it.
gymrat44 responded:
Am wondering if you feel this pain in your knee at any other time. When having sex it's possible to do repetitive movements which aren't common during the rest of the day.

Probably wouldn't be a bad idea to have your knee checked out by a doctor. And he may ask you under what conditions it happens; and they you could force a chuckle and say, "Well, doc, it actually takes place in bed in the middle of some good thrusting --and kind of puts a damper on that," or whatever you're comfortable saying.

In any case, it's a shame to let something like a knee injury take away such a pleasurable and important part of your life. Perhaps there are other positions you could try where your knee might not get in the way?
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