92135_man posted:
How often do you all get erections during the day? When you get them what do you do with them? Do you flip them up into your waist band? Do you relieve it and masturbate? Also i got a very big boner during my last physical and it was a male doctor. It was very awkward. It was not semi hard, it was fully erect sticking straight at his face. Is that weird? Has this happened to anyone? Please share some stories

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Lapardlad responded:
Hey man i get one in the morning without fail and I might get one throughout the day but if I do I always tuck under my waist band until it goes you can also hold your breath so all the blood goes to the more important places not sure how much truth is in there but it seems to work!
emediof replied to Lapardlad's response:
5 or more times a day 50% of guys get horny wife would love u all.