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Porn for Free
hairyd posted:
Just asking!
How many of you guys would be like me.

If you was to do a porn flick.
Do the sex for free %
. Just ask to be paid for showing up(expenses)?
Polfsky responded:
I'd love to do the sex for free but don't know about doing a porn flick. Maybe if I were back in my carefree teenage years, I would jump at the opportunity. But now that I'm older, I care about my reputation. What if someone I know stumble across my flick? Blackmailing? etc. I don't think I can enjoy the sex act with all that running through my mind.
Bispeedo38 responded:
Hey mate, just curious.... how far would you go?
Would you do a threesome... MMF?
hairyd replied to Bispeedo38's response:
38 Yes, I would advise you try it. You can learn from a older male. A three sandwch with her in the middle is super fine.
Feeling his penis thrusting in her with your s is super hot.
sonnyp1989 responded:
Hey hairyd, what's ur email if you don't mind. I have a question for u.
hairyd replied to sonnyp1989's response:
Sonny, ask your question. Everyone may also want to know.
I will not post my email address on the web. But if you want to put yours on your profile. I may shoot it to you.
sonnyp1989 replied to hairyd's response:
Thanks hairyd I appreciate it. I just updated my profile.
hairyd replied to sonnyp1989's response:
*** Word of Caution *** Please be care what & how much personal information you want to share with others on here. . Unfortunately they have no control over details sent via personal emails etc.. In respecting everyone, please remember to use common sense
oldman52 responded:
I like to see
oldman52 replied to hairyd's response:
Me too
oldbiguy replied to Bispeedo38's response:
My wife and I have had several MMF threesomes, we both enjoy them (Gulp)
cbmmxv replied to Bispeedo38's response:
I grew up consuming 80s pornography so the idea of MMF or even a gang bang is not alien to me. So, I'd do it.
cbmmxv replied to oldbiguy's response:
Good for you and your wife obg!

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