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Childhood Sexual Curiosity
intercooler posted:
Hey everyone I've been going through some rough times I've been going through,

I had a memory resurface from my childhood that I'm utterly ashamed about and am really worried that I've caused damage

So when I was age 9 I would go to a friends house and he would have a younger sister and we would play fight all the time and I would wrestle with her but I started to do something that I am not proud of but I've heard it's normal curiosity. I would "dry hump" her and pretended like it was a wrestling move, I don't think she ever noticed what I was doing but I knew what I was doing and how wrong it was. I continued these acts from age 9 to 12 and then I just stopped for some reason, I don't remember. All I remember is that I use to close the door is because I didn't want an adult seeing what I was doing because I would feel embarrassed or ashamed because I didn't want to get into trouble.

We were never naked we didn't kiss or anything I just pretended it was a wrestling move even though I knew it wasn't, I'm so worried that I've caused damage to these girls and I can't stop thinking about it. Something that makes me feel even worse is that this girl that I wrestled with was younger then me, we had a 4-5 year difference but I never thought of it as anything other then feeling good, I didn't ejaculate or anything like that I just rubbed myself against her for few seconds at a time and then switch the move to pretend like It wasn't wrong...

I truly need some insight, thank you!
An_251837 responded:

IMHO, you would benefit greatly by discussing all this with a counselor that you trust. I think you need help to deal with these feelings.

I pray you can get this resolved soon.
emediof responded:
get over it,she knew what u were doing far more than u did & at 9 u weren't hurting her as much as she probably wished u a good way

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