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Contacting Members
jsisu posted:
How does one go about contacting an individual member to continue a more personal conversation? How do you go about exchanging email addreses?
calvinrankin7 responded:
no idea, sorry
Paulnewyork replied to calvinrankin7's response:
Would mind posting a safe email address in your "Story" section of your profile?
I've posted mine and gotten some great new friends off here.
I get NO spam from posting it here.
Alexco35 replied to calvinrankin7's response:
I guess you would just ask them on the board for their email contact info...
RuBare2 responded:
I too, have posted my email in my profile story. (I wish everyone would at least add something in their stories..) Several have sent me emails, and we have exchanged back and forth that way too. I may sometimes be slow to respond via email, but I do enjoy hearing from others.

I do wish the new board had real time chat. I know some of us would be to addicted to ever leave. But it would give us even a closer bond to each other I think.
JackOJoe replied to RuBare2's response:
You should be careful about posting any contact information in a public area. You never know who is going to get it or what they will use it for. We can probably trust each other on here but unfortunately there are way too many unscrupulous people out there.
Alexco35 replied to JackOJoe's response:
I agree with you jack, thats why I removed my email from my story...but I wont mind giving it out if anyone asks on the board...
Bobber1945 responded:
good question
stev1022 responded:
I too have posted my email address in my story. I don't mind being contacted by others from here. It is nice to have discussions from guys on here, and possibly create new bonds and friendships.
Steve2257 responded:
I have my emial address posted in my profile as well. I have heard from a couple of guys on here and haven't had any problems! It is great to hear from guys on here and talk.

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