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ryu2008 posted:
Some Guys have mentioned that their nipples have a direct connection with their penis? does any of you get hard when you play with your nips?
Alexco35 responded:
yea this happened to me recently with a friend I have know for almost 10 years... of course me moving across the states might have drifted us apart....
Alexco35 replied to Alexco35's response:
oops sorry posted to wrong topic, but to answer this no my nipples have no connection, since I had to have chest surgery..
goingcommando replied to Alexco35's response:
My nipples are so wired to my penis and so sensitive to touch that they are my main source of stimulation from my wife...She has developed a number of ways to caress them via my instruction. I can cum from only nipple stimulation. It is a great pleasure source for me.
Gary0329 responded:
They have always been directly wired to my penis. I could get hard just having them played with, but I couldn't get to the point of ejaculation. Lots of pre-cum though.
SteelTitan replied to Gary0329's response:
I too can become erected by just playing with them, but have never found the way to cum just by playing with them. How about your RYU?
rich1958nj replied to SteelTitan's response:
Mine are directly linked to my penis also. Lots of pre-cum from the nipple play but haven't been about to cum from that alone.
Ramases responded:
My nips are directly connected to my penis also. I can get erect just with stimulating them or when the wife plays with them. They are both pierced which only adds to the pleasure. I have never had an orgasm just from nip stimulation, but that sure would be great!
Commando14 responded:
Direct connection here--playing with them immediately sends a message to my penis and pre-cum starts soon thereafter.
JackOJoe responded:
Direct connect! My nips are almost TOO sensitive to touch. Not to say that stops me . And yes, just thinking about it made me hard.
RuBare2 responded:
My wiring must be off.. Noe response to penis when my nipple is played with. (only have one real one due to chest defect) But... for other parts of the body.. kiss and nibble my ear lobes and I am in HEAVEN!
An_206274 responded:
hey guys- my nipples are so sensitive ilove for the wife to caress them so gently and then suck and nurse on them so softly and then build up to sucking them so hard--she gets so turned by doing this and the precum flows and if she does it long enough i will have cum spurting out of my cock without even touching it--she loves to see it shooting on my belly---it is so odd she has no feeling like this in her nipples
SS1995 responded:
I can't shoot just by rubbing my nipples, but it definitely intensifies the experience. Usually, I only rub the nipples during my masturbation sessions.
BJ102364 responded:
I have a direct connection. It only takes nipple stimulation to get an erection and pre cum. It also intensifies intercourse and orgasm.
RuBare2 replied to BJ102364's response:

So good to see you contributing more to the forums. I really enjoyed reading your comments on the old board.. Welcome back!

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