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    Men in Briefs
    Alexco35 posted:
    I love wearing boxers... I started wearing boxers in 1999 and have never gone back to wearing briefs... no whitey undies for me.. However I do admit that men in white briefs are sexy to look at.... It is very hard for me not to notice a guy in white briefs in the locker room.. it seems more masculine I guess from old magazines men's underwear ads that only showed men wearing white briefs. ... Do you find briefs or boxers sexy? just curious.
    beckleyguy responded:
    I find briefs to be very sexy.
    GQ1985 responded:
    I find briefs and trunk briefs most comfortable...does that count?
    Ramases responded:
    I wore briefs from the time I was small well until in my 50's. I have changed to boxers now and love the way they feel. The wife has even commented on the look of the ones I wear now. I guess it is in the eye of the beholder what makes a man sexy briefs or boxers. Sometime just having all your junk hanging out can be sexy!
    Commando14 responded:
    I wore briefs from childhood until about 20 or 21 when I switched to boxers. And yes, there was that detour into bikini briefs that were so popular in my teen years in the 1970's. Was a boxers guy (occassional boxer briefs) for 20 some years and started going commando part time in my late 30s then switched to full time in my 40s. I agree though that briefs can look good, they are just not for me.
    zoom1969 responded:
    I normally wear boxers. I really like the feel of boxers on my leg. Sometimes my weight will fluctuate. When I'm feeling bigger then yeah definately boxers. When I was going to the gym a lot then it would be boxer briefs. When I'm kind of slimmed down and wearing tighter jeans or khakis I like briefs. Not tighty whities. Usually black. Like Calvin Klein, 2xist or Tommy H. Sometimes I want extra support but want to wear my boxers I'll wear a pair of briefs with boxers over top of them. I know weird huh?
    zoom1969 replied to zoom1969's response:
    I just realized I didn't really answer the It depends on the body type. Really scrawny guys look terrible in boxers. You know you'll see those dudes and their boxers are like 4 sizes too big. Then you'll see large guys wearing little briefs which isn't a good look at all either. Then there are the guys that have the perfect body type and they look great in briefs, boxers, or boxer briefs...
    Alexco35 replied to zoom1969's response:
    Zoom I think you said me exact sentiments... There are some men that look great in either, because they have to body type... good comments..
    Gary0329 responded:
    Briefs are obviously more sexy because it definitely shows the package. I also find them more comfortable and supportive.
    GQ1985 replied to Gary0329's response:
    Alex, I didn't answer your question either. I think that breifs or boxer briefs are more attractive on most men. Boxers don't "accentuate the positive" attributes of my form, which (aside from the fact they do not offer the support I require) is another reason I don't wear them...except as pajama's. Is that a better answer to your question?
    yidui responded:
    love calvin klein boxers( ) /F0CBecause it makes me more comfortable, better movement, not friction/F0C
    rob15lov replied to GQ1985's response:
    rob15lov replied to rob15lov's response:
    This link above is still active and often updated, check it out!
    oldbiguy responded:
    I have found that a properly fitting Thong is very comfortable and provides plenty of support. I have been wearing Joe Boxer brand for several years, I would never go back to tighty whitey or baggy boxers.

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