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Girls on Film
Alexco35 posted:
ok this is for the straight guys, do you find women in porn movies real or fake.... do you prefer a regular girl or would you rather have a sexy girl from a porn film
BeckleyGuy responded:

Do you find men in porn movies real or fake? Would you rather have a guy from a porn movie?

Ramases responded:
I find that most women in porn movies seem fake. I still will enjoy a movie once in a while, but there is nothing like a regular girl performing to her best ability. Fake breasts and moans are a turn off for me. I like the real thing!
Alexco35 replied to BeckleyGuy's response:

LOL... : - )
zoom1969 responded:
Definately a regular girl. Porn can be fun to watch you but have to remember those ladies get paid a lot for some of the crazy stuff that they do. It's all fantasy. If some girls that I knew would actually do some of the things that the girls do in porn I think I would be Yeah Alex what type of guy would you prefer? Regular guy or a guy from a porn? Now I have Duran Duran stuck in my head. Thx Alex....
GQ1985 responded:
It's total fantasy on film. I've been with some women hotter than porn stars, so absolutely real women are better. They moans, etc. are acting, mostly poor acting at that.
BeckleyGuy replied to Alexco35's response:
Alexco35 replied to zoom1969's response:
I'm usually turned off by faked up gay porn, I prefer to watch straight guys... but for me it has to be 100% real, be it an executive type or a local Iowa farm guy..
RuBare2 responded:
I have watched my share of porn. Both str8 and gay.. I have had fantasies over some of the men from them, but nothing beats a "real man"...

If not to blunt, and I don't want to offend any of my brothers from here. But I have also wondered what alot of you look like nude, erect, etc... Some of the avatars are very impressive. they make me jealous of the bodies you have. From the old posts, some have described what they look like. It gives alot to imagine the real you.

Oops.. I got off track from origin question here.. my answer.. real regular guy! If I were str8, real regular women.
Steve2257 responded:
No doubt about it...regular girls! I actually met a couple of young ladies in the porn industry and frankly, they were so full of silicone, they didn't look real.
GAP1954 responded:
Utterly and completely fake - I would not want a girl like the ones I have seen. Sexy to me is not all that makeup and equipment.
Gary0329 responded:
They are as fake as the men in porn. Why? Because real women don't look like that for the most part, and as far as guys, few regular guys have the equipment porn guys display.
calvinrankin7 responded:
ugh, i hate porn stars. im not too into porn, but from what i've seen, it makes me hate acrylic nails, red high heels, skinny girls, fake boobs, and high pitched moans. real girls all the way. a real looking girl has personality, which adds 100 fold. plus i like the curves on a woman. im not too into feeling her hipbone and ribcage, which seems to be the popular look for women in the media
An_206279 responded:
porn is just for fantasies.
Rokk_man responded:
I like porn for the sex scenes but most of the chicks aren't attractive. They're way too made up & fake looking. I however recently seen the best porn that I've seen which is a remake of the fairytale Snow White. I was pleasantly surprised at the women in this porn- attractive real women. Might have something to do with the fact it was made in Italy.

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