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Dermatologist full body exam
mpcsb posted:
This may have been discussed on the old forum but now I could use some help. In three weeks I am scheduled for a full body exam with a dermatologist. I've never had this done. What should I expect. I;m thinking this will be similar to an annual physical, in that I'll strip down to my boxers. At a certain point the doctor will tell me to drop the boxers as he examines all points below. How thorough are doctors when doing this. Will he retract my foreskin too? I only ask as I'm easily excited and always get a hard on during my physical. Me and my doctor both are used to this as it's just always happened. So what about a dermatologist, what all will he do?
Gary0329 responded:
It varies with the doctor, but the two I have been too did not examine my genitals. However, both did ask if I had any "issues" down there they should look at; they didn't just automatically do it.
ChevyDudeNYC responded:
I recently had a full body screening for skin cancer at a dermatologist. Instead of the physician, I saw a young female Physician Assistant. She had me strip to my briefs and checked all areas except what was under my briefs. She checked between toes and all. She did not check genitals or butt and I didn't volunteer to spread 'em, since I was embarrassed in front of this 25 year old girl...She then biopsied two suspicious bumps on my arm, which turned out to be nothing. I'm fair skinned and blue eyed, so I am at a higher risk for skin cancer.
asm37 replied to ChevyDudeNYC's response:
My dermatologist always exams genitals and butt. The Dr. is the expert and you should expect him to check and not trust your judgment if there is something for him to look at. Besides, you cant see your back side very easily. Full body screening inst complete if you do not look at the genitals and butt.
mpcsb replied to asm37's response:
Thanks for the input. I understand this doctor is supposed to be very good and thorough so I expect he will look at everything. I don't mind so long as I know what's expected of me.
sun44 responded:
I guess it depends on the doctor. I have had some that do a full all over skin check and some that want you to leave on your briefs. I don't think that you should have to request a full check, it should be done automatically.
txmn1212 replied to sun44's response:
I've had skin exams before, and usually the dermatologist examines my genitals and buttocks. She usually has me undress to my briefs and then I wear a gown, which she lowers as she examines my chest, etc. I usually have to think of something else, since the doctor is a female, but I've never gotten an erection before. She is pretty thorough, which is good. She usually lowers my briefs to examine my buttocks. She also checks between my buttocks and examines my penis and the skin beneath the pubic hair. I had a mole removed a few years back from there, so she checks to make sure that it hasn't come back. It's a pretty painless procedure, but at least I feel as though she does a good job. Relax, and you'll be fine.

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