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Through Thick & Thin
RuBare2 posted:
To go along with my discussion about "He Shoots... He Scores.." I am curious about what everyones semen is like.

So I am doing this post to get an idea. Seems everyone is a bit different when it comes to cum.

Mine has always been very thick. Almost like glue. Most times it is white or with a white/yellowish tint to it. Yet I have seen some men's ejaculate that is was more waterey or clear with just a bit of whiteness to it.

Any ideas on how to produce more semen, or make it not so thick. This may also help to shot farther... Care to share?
BeckleyGuy responded:

My cum changes from day to day. Some days it very thick and just dribbles out. Other days it is very waterey and I can shoot on my chest and sometimes on my face. I think a lot of it depends on how much fluid intake you have during the day. It fills so great when I ejaculate and it is very watery, shoots futher and lots and lots more cum.

Ramases responded:
Very good question. Mine is also very thick and white and sometimes with a yellow tint. Some men just produce a more watery or clear semen then others. I really do not think the consistancy has anything to due with how far you shoot. Drinking more water can help by keeping you hydrated and maybe thining your semen. I just think you produce what you are programed to produce. I just enjoy what I shoot!
Alexco35 responded:
Same with me, it depends on intervals between ejaculation. Mostly it is thick and white.. never runny.. However I noticed when I take vitamin Zinc, it helps the quantity amount.
shortman_eric responded:
Normally I would say it's a medium consistency; nothing too runny but not glue-like either. It's generally pretty white, normally with a bit of yellow tint if I have a full bladder (like during a morning jo session).

Now if I'm super horned up from edging all day or engaging in very "stimulating" conversation, it very thin and very clear. I always just equated it to being somewhat like pre-cum build up, because I don't actually produce a lot no matter how much fun I'm having. Definitely find that it shoots farther and more in this case too, sometimes even hitting the face!
Commando14 responded:
Good question Ru,

Generally, mine is medium thickness, mostly white with a slight tint of very light yellow. There is some variation as sometimes it seems to get much thicker and almost gluey and once in a while will be very liquidy. The thinner seems to happen after particularly intense sessions.
NC45guy responded:
Mine is thick as well, white most of the time with a yellowish tint. As far as how to shoot farther,for me it depends sometimes it will shoot on my belly and chest then sometimes it will just run out.
gymguygreg replied to NC45guy's response:
My cum tends to be thick and white but there are also times when it is nealry clear and very liquid. My shooting distance doens't seem to change much either way
RuBare2 responded:
I would like to know of any way to increase volume of semen. I wanna be like a porn star and hit the ceiling.. LOL!
shortman_eric replied to RuBare2's response:
well based on porn star performances... moaning a whole helluva lot might help :-P

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