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    If you could have chosen your own body...
    BuddyFavor posted:
    If you could have chosen your own body and everything about it, what would it look like? Describe what you wish you looked like, from eye color, height, weight, etc. This would be the physically ideal man in your own eyes, one that makes you stop and think " I wish I looked like him".
    john-skpt responded:
    I'd probably make myself a little taller than the current 5'6", maybe a more V-shaped torso. I don't need to weigh any less, I'm now 120 pounds, I'd rather weight a little more but not in fat, in lean muscle. (OK I will admit that I could probably manage the muscle part of it if I tried, but I can't change height.) Maybe a better smile and a more chiseled, angular face.

    I like my eyes as they are: they are a weird green/hazel that jumps around and seems to flicker and change color as the lighting changes.
    gymguygreg replied to john-skpt's response:
    I like the way my body looks. I just wish I didn't have to work so hard to keep it. I think I would be 20-30 pounds heavier if I didn't work at it and whatch what I eat.

    What I would really like to change is body hair. I have very little and would like to be moderately hairy.

    GAP1954 responded:
    would like a swimmers shape - smooth skin (not hairy) and not have to work that much to keep it all in shape
    Alexco35 responded:
    I would like to be more taller about 6'2, hairier, dirty blond hair, blue-hazel eyes, perfect teeth, dimples, defined jaw, heavy goatee, nice chin, proportioned ears, fine hair, broad shoulders, 42 inch chest, nice biceps, rock solid abs, 32 inch waist, nice thighs, huge calves, and great feet.....

    too bad I problably look more like
    ChevyDudeNYC responded:
    I would have chosen to be 6' 2" or 6' 3" with long lean legs and torso. I'd want to be naturally- muscled without a lot of bulk and with skin tight to my body. I'd love to have dark brown or black hair and green or blue eyes. My shoulders would taper nicely to a V with my waist. I think a 32" or 33" waist and a 34 or 36" inseam would be nice. I'd like a strong powerful chest with strikingly defined cheekbones and chin. Probably a good weight for that height is 190#. A big issue for me is straight, white teeth. I'm obsessive about my teeth and dental hygiene so that would be required. Let's see...that body would turn my head...
    ammar57 replied to gymguygreg's response:
    I have followed your post for sometime now. I like the picture along with the others. You look as if you are in great shape. All the post that I read sounds as if you are a very self made man. I love the relationship you have with your sons and the openness you share on the board. Just wanted to let you know all the advise you give is appreciated and that your non-judgmental attitude is very Christian.
    gymguygreg replied to ammar57's response:
    Thank you so much for your kind words. Like I said, I have to work a lot to be in good shape so I appreciate your comment. I am proud of my life, my family, my job, etc. I have never been handed a think and feel fortunate to be where I am today considering I was married and a father when I was still a teenager. The odds were stacked against me. As I have said elsewhere, my relationship with my sons is due to not having my own father there for me when I was growing up. I was determined to give as much or as little of myself as each one wanted or needed. Most of the problems we have in our world today stem from people judging others and it has gotten us nowhere. I work hard at trying to be non-judgemental as it is so easy to take part in prejudice. I hope others realize what a waste of time and energy it is and try to be more accepting.

    All_is_One replied to gymguygreg's response:
    Maybe my small frame and subsequent build type. Recently I've been able to begin tacking on more pounds (went down to 131 with 5'10'') I'm about 143 now, planning on getting to about 155 then working out again, drinking a lot of protein shakes and eating meat and potatoes, etc. My younger brothers are both large frame and taller than me. I'm 23 and my oldest brother is 19 and he is close to 6, 6'1''. My next oldest brother is in 8th grade and about 6' with same build as my other brother. I got some wierd genes I suppose.
    All_is_One replied to gymguygreg's response:
    I agree with your statement:

    "Most of the problems we have in our world today stem from people judging others and it has gotten us nowhere."

    If people could look past the superficial 'appearances' of people and get to the heart of it all, which is the fact that we are all people with the ability to freely choose how we want to experience this world then we'd be so much better off. Maybe our society could evolve into what it needs to be, a society where respect, compassion, understanding, and wisdom rule. You seem like a truly blessed and balanced man. We need more men like you in this world.

    Much love!
    realbiglu replied to All_is_One's response:
    I would like to have no hair in my ears and nose. I hate shaving my ears.
    SS1995 replied to realbiglu's response:
    I would love a rock hard chest and 6 pack. I want to be that guy that jogs shirtless down the street and people go.. yum!! LOL

    I know that is totally attainable, but I don't have the discipline to get there.
    RuBare2 replied to SS1995's response:
    I hear ya brother.. maybe some of the brothers here can help yous stay focused and determined be be that guy! (but I say yum EEEE!!!)
    Runningguy61 replied to RuBare2's response:
    I feel good about my body at 48 yo - 5'8" - 138#... For the wish list - taller would have been nice 5'10" - up and body hair. Very little body hair (all over) and buzzed head.
    MaxBarto responded:
    I would keep my height of 6 feet but I would make my self tan. I would make myself alot more muscular and less skinny(In a muscular way). I would also love to have light green eye's because my blue eye's are too commen. And like alot of guy's I would like a bigger dick i've had no complaints from girls but 5.7 inches just is'nt hackin it for me

    On the other hand I do like my height,my brown hair, my defined jaw,my nice smile, and my perfect teeth

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