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Squamous cell skin cancer removed last week--pain at site
Anon15712 posted:
Hi everyone,
My husband had a squamous cell skin cancer removed one week ago from the back of his calf. The incision is pretty large--about 4 inches or so long. My husband is still in a lot of pain. He says that the site hurts and he is limping. The site doesn't appear to be infected.

He's refusing to call the doctor about this. In his defense, the doctor has not been responsive to him at all, and we'll be switching doctors after our post-op appointment with him next week.

Just wanted to see if it is normal for him to be in pain after a week. We haven't received the new path report yet. My husband thinks that the pain means that they didn't get all of the cancer.

Thanks so much!
Luca_Brasi responded:
I had a squamous cell skin cancer removed one time and the incision required only 3 stiches after removal of the tissue.

I would not jump the gun and assume that they did not get all the cancer. They do cut out a margin of the healthy tissue to be safe and his sounds rather large so I am not surprised that he has some pain in the area.
BTW..squamous cell skin cancer is very curable. I had mine removed about 7 years ago and no signs of reoccurence.

Good luck !
vbrown001 replied to Luca_Brasi's response:
Hi, I had a basal cell carcinoma taken off of my calf the middle of July. I had multiple inside stitches and probably a 4-5 cut on the outside of my leg. I was in severe pain and could not walk on my leg for over a week. I limped for probably a month. So I think the pain is normal since they took a lot of tissue from the leg.

I am still having problems with my leg itching on the inside.
I guess the skin must still be healing.

Good luck.
An_205952 responded:
I agree with the two other posters. The calf is a hard place to heal . A lot of muscle that we use to walk is located there. If they got a clean margin, your husband has nothing to worry about.

I DO NOT believe the pain is from cancer, I think it i the location
of the surgery.

He will feel better when he gets the path report.
kathyinkentucky responded:
I had 4 areas removed from both legs last week (9-4)..3 basal and one squamous..the one was on shin so it is pretty sore..the others on the calfs...they are about nickel size and I have been changing dressings two times a day and using Bactracin on them as directed and keeping them covered...but wow.the one on left calf is really hurting ...I have no stitches...they said to keep doing the dressing changes for awhile....when they did biopsies in august the pain was so minor it was no big deal but wow, the esxcessive cutting sure makes a difference...

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