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Seborrheic Keratoses
wellnessmom4 posted:
Several years ago I had a small growth on the tip of my nose excised and biopsied. The P.A. said she was concerned it might be a basal cell carcinoma but that it turned out to be a "harmless" keratoses (and I do have seborrheic keratoses elsewhere so I assumed this was just another one). I was dismayed that the tiny spot returned after the biopsy, but she said this was not uncommon for keratoses. Is that true for seborrheic keratoses? I've always been a tad worried about that spot but, being right on the tip of my nose, I really don't want to have it excised again unnecessarily. It hasn't grown larger and isn't scaly in any way. It's just a tiny raised, pinkish bump. So, any opinions? Should I ask the P.A. to excise and biopsy it again or just leave it alone?
Elizabeth_WebMD_Staff responded:
Hello wellnessmom4 -

Since you are concerned please have your dermatologist take a look to determine whether it should be removed. If it is bothering you and you want it removed for peace of mind or cosmetic reasons, there are several methods of removal .

Here are pictures of seborrheic keratosis and other skin conditions. Does anything look familiar?

Let us know what you decide,
wellnessmom4 replied to Elizabeth_WebMD_Staff's response:
Thanks, Elizabeth. Nope, my seborrheic keratosis doesn't look like that anywhere on my body. Mine almost all look like lightly pigmented drops of wax on my skin, like I could easily peel them right off. They are very smooth. The tiny one on the tip of my nose tho' has the appearance of a very small, pink blister. The initial biopsy was likely a shave biopsy (I'm not entirely sure) and that's probably why it grew right back. One of the assistants said she had the exact same thing happen with a keratoses that she had removed and biopsied.

I will ask about it again at my next exam and maybe will schedule the exam with one of the dermatologists (instead of the P.A.s that I have always seen). I'm probably obsessing about it unnecessarily, but it's so ANNOYING having that little blister on the tip of my nose! I wish there was a way to excise it without leaving an even bigger scar. If the doc reassures me that it's certainly benign, I guess I will do my best to just ignore it.
Elizabeth_WebMD_Staff replied to wellnessmom4's response:
Hi wellnessmom4 -

Thanks for following up. It may be good to vary your appointments - doctors and PA's to get a good overview and variety of opinions.

I understand having a little something that bothers you! I recently had an area shaved, then frozen off with liquid nitrogen. It did heal nicely.

I am hoping the doctor can give you some good options for removal with minimal scarring.


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