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so confused about diagnosis
avahannsmommy posted:
I am a 28 year old blue eyed, fair skinned female who was never never taught the importance of SPF as a child and suffered copious amounts of child and adolescent sunburns. I owned my own tanning bed and used it regularly to achieve "a golden glow" which i confused with beauty during my adolcent years. I have well over 200 moles which are pretty impossible to "keep track of" none the less be aware of any changes or be mindful of new ones as they appear as suggested by doctors who in addition state the importance of MD checks every 3 months by a certified doc - which i understand 100% and have every intention of complying! And lastely my paternal grandmother has had two seperate cases of melanoma. whats that, five known risk factors ive stated thus far ?

So on July 27, 2012 after five years of no medical insurance, I felt the need to obtain health insurance and visited a dermatologist because of a mole on my right posterior thigh which was dark in color and getting remarkably larger in size. a Biopsy was taken and aprox five days later the doc called and told me i had a insitu melanoma which he referred me to a plastic surgeon for removal. While at the surgeon, he also excised 4 additional "suspicious moles" and noted multiple others but only removed 4 in addition to the wide insicision on my already dignosed melanoma. Nine days after my surgery i went to get stiches removed and ALL four biopsies show + M (positive melanoma). I was sent home and told to keep track of moles and have a derm check me every 3 months. What the HECK?!?!?! i'm so scared and so confused!!!! Does % positive MELANOMA findings not warrant or cause concern for a more aggressive treatment plan?!?!?! I mean whats to say that the other 200 hundred "suspicious mole" i have located on my body dont have melanoma growing thruout and possibly invasion of my lymphs? If anyone has any suggestions on what i should do please please respond, im beyond scared due to my risk factors and and increased risk for more melanomas which cause me feelings of hopelessness and impending doom . I just need some answers or advice on what to do next.
Elizabeth_WebMD_Staff responded:
Hello avahannsmommy -

I am so sorry to hear what you have been going through

Please get back in touch with your dermatologist to discuss the results and make a plan for treatment and follow-up and possible second opinion. You have very good questions that your derm should address.

Also, since you have health insurance you may want to schedule with a medical doctor, family practitioner, or gynecologist for a thorough health history and exam. Ask the derm and plastic surgeon for copies of your reports if you do not have them.

I wish I had more information to offer you at this point, but most important is to follow-up with your questions and concerns.

Please keep us posted,
An_252210 responded:
Hello, Please be proactive and assertive for yourself as you have valid concerns that should be addressed! You will have to be very diligent about checkups, and follow ups! Melanoma is serious. Do some research, read whatever you can find, ask others to help you do this. I did research; I found the more I knew about this disease, I could ask better questions and I felt some power over this very scary disease. Four times I have fought for my life, I may have to again. But I would definitely do my research, be open-minded again to naturopathic protocols, and agree to treatments I believed in that could help me. I used interferon 2 different times for a whole year each time; plus I did naturopathic and nutritional protocols advised from very dedicated professionals; the forth time I also did a clinical trial at a cancer research center - my local ordinary hospital really did not offer much! From now on, to keep yourself as healthy as possible, in addition to consulting your medical professionals, I would suggest you follow an excellent, super nutrient diet!! Give yourself your power back so you can battle this disease and seek support from others. My best wishes for you for strength and health! Chris

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