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Very light breakthrough bleeding after 5 years of menopause!
An_205768 posted:
I am a post-menopausal woman (for 5 years!), and just had my yearly exam in January, with normal results. My gynecologist and I decided that I should probably start weaning back to every other day on my HRT (FemHrt), which is what I did. Just today, I suddenly began to have a bit of discharge at first, and now it appears that I am having some very light breakthrough bleeding. I've also had some emotional moments over the last week, all indicative of an impending period. Should I be concerned about this? Being Easter weekend, I know that contacting my doc's office won't happen until Monday morning. However, I am somewhat frightened by this turn of events, since I have not had any bleeding at all since my period just stopped all on its own. I'd be grateful for any and all feedback on this new development! Thanks!
Annie_WebMD_Staff responded:
Hi Anon_165991,

Since you mention that you are tapering off your hormone replacement medications you may want to look them up by clicking on the Find a Drug link at the top of the board. Also try asking your pharmacist about your medications if your doctor isn't available as they can discuss your medications with you.

- Annie
g1957 responded:
Last month I had a similar experience. I'm 53, also post-menopausal. I was being checked for fibroids when I noticed this light bleeding. During a five day period I noticed a change in the color of my discharge and light stingy clots along with the emotional symptoms.. Not being familar with this stage of my life, I thought I was getting ready to have some type of period, which was not the case. I did inform my GYN and was informed that this is not normal. I was told to watch and if it continues to let her know. So far this has been the only occurrance. From one post-menopausal to another, dont panic, contact your physician on Monday. Good luck.
9livesVSW replied to g1957's response:
Thanks so much for your reply! Contacted my GYN's office today, and have an appt. on Wed. to make sure all is OK. They feel that I probably should just continue taking Femhrt daily for a while longer, instead of tapering off right now. Just hoping we don't find anything on Wed.! I'll keep you posted with opinions/results!
9livesVSW replied to Annie_WebMD_Staff's response:
Thanks, Annie! Spoke with my GYN's office today, and am going in on Wed. to make sure all is OK. I just may need to continue the Femhrt daily for a while longer, instead of tapering off right now. Here's hoping for a positive outcome!
Annie_WebMD_Staff replied to 9livesVSW's response:
Hi 9livesVSW,

I hope your doctor's appointment goes well! You have a cute user you have a ciat? We have a fun Pet Health Community you may want to visit if you have pets!

- Annie

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