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Where Can I Find Help?
jppeloquin posted:
Perhaps this isn't the correct forum but I'm the husband of a woman who is menopausal and life has become very difficult. I am attempting to support as best I can, but seem to be failing at every step. Is there any type of resource that can better educate me on how to be a better husband to my wife in need? Home life has become extremely difficult and I just seem to make it worse when trying to help. If this is the wrong forum I apologize for wasting your time. Thank you.
Annie_WebMD_Staff responded:
Hi jppeloquin,

One helpful source of information is the North American Menopause Society that is mentioned in Dr Minkin's biography page .

I think another helpful resource is the book A Woman's Guide to Menopause & Menopause by Dr Mary Jane Minkin M.D. and Carol V. Wright PhD. This book has resources in the back of the book which you may also find helpful. Just to let you know I have bought a copy of this book myself, nobody has asked me to, I'm not required to read this book or buy it. I bought this book because I have recently entered menopause and so the topic is one that I'm interested in. You can also check your library for this book if you don't wish to buy it.

In the post at the top of this board is a post by Dr Minkin Alternative therapies for hot flashes/who suffers the most .

Lastly in this board's announcement area is a link to WebMD's Menopause Health Center and slideshow which is also helpful.

I hope this information is useful to you.

- Annie

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