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Is It Normal to Still Have a Monthly Cycle at 55
An_205774 posted:
I just turned 55 in April and I am still having a monthly cycle. It normally last 7-8 days. About a week before I start, I experience extreme fatigue. Once I start, my energy level bounces back and I feel fine.Sometimes the periods are heavy with clotting, other times they are normal, no clotting. Light at first a little heavier in the middle of the cycle and light toward the end of the cycle. I am not over weight and I exercise on a regular basis. My doctors did not seem to concerned about still having a period at this age.
Annie_WebMD_Staff responded:
Hi Anon_168774,

I had my last menstrual period a year ago in March when I was 55. Before that, the last couple of years of my periods I would have regular periods in the spring, summer, and fall and skip a period or two in the winter. My periods were also heavy sometimes and sometimes not. I would also feel like I had the flu sometimes on the first full day of my period but that would go away by day 2.

So my guess is that your periods are normal for you and if your doctor isn't that concerned I wouldn't be either.

I also think that one of the reasons that I had periods later than other women is that my cycle was always 30 or 31 days and rarely 28 days, so I would have theoretically 1 less period per year than other women and over a 40 year period that would roughly translate into 3 more years of periods.

So you may want to look at your menstrual cycle length and also look at how old you were when you first had your period (I was 15 years old) to see if that is similar. But remember, every woman is different and so is the age that a woman finally reaches menopause.

I hope that information is helpful to you.

- Annie

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