hot flashes
TexasLise posted:
Started having hot flashes, I think...they are primarily on upper body, but they start on one area and then move to another (ex.: upper back, then upper arms) in each episode. Some also on shins. Are these hot flashes or something else? Also have intermittent 'pinpricks' on extremities, single prick at each site each time, no correlation with heat sensation. Menopause at age 51.
Annie_WebMD_Staff responded:
Hi TexasLise,

My own experience with hot flashes was that mine would start from my chest area and move on up to the top of my head. I would get them from the heat and bending over to pick stuff off the floor.

I am reading the book that Dr Minkin co-authored A Woman's Guide to Menopause and Perimenopause

and she does mention pin prick symptoms as something that some women experience.

Just to let you know I have bought this book without anyone asking me too, I have not been paid for buying or reading the book. I'm really enjoying reading Dr Minkin's book about perimenopause and menopause because it's easy to read and it has a nice conversational tone to it.

- Annie